Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Dialled my own Denial.... Again!!

The world can be so beautiful, so calming, so bright....yet be cruel, ugly and dark.
I hate it when the world shows its discrimination specially when it comes to children.

This morning, I went to a local Amul outlet and I saw faces and from the looks, it seemed like they'd barely be 12 or 13 years old. They were lifting blocks of granite, and dumping them a few yards away. My heart skipped a few beats and suddenly accelerated when I saw one of them lose grip of the block and it missed his foot by a whisker.
I called the elder one, or so he looked and asked him if he'd want to go to school and study.
He gave me a sharp NO nod with a "tchh" sound. I didn't expect a better answer. Soon, the younger one came and I asked her the same. She didn't answer,but looked at the other one. He gave her the same NO nod with the exact "tchh" sound. She smiled and soon, he followed suit by smiling.
I asked them if they would ever want to go to School . Both kids smiled and I didn't quite understand their smile, this time round. It was more like a sarcastic one which probably meant "didn't we answer earlier, dumbo".....
I was about to leave, when the girl said they do this all for a lollypop each day.[She showed me one:) ]. I can't express what happened to me, it was like a sudden surge of energy discharging itself through my fingertips and I almost had goosebumps(I don't know why ,but yes I had goosebumps)...
These kids were working their limbs off, for a candy each day!...
There isn't much that I can do. Not at the moment. I only wish this world had given those kids the same life I had... The same life I thought wasn't beautiful enough..

At their age, I was busy eating a candy- whilst chasing butterflies and dragon flies and these kids are already doing an adult's job- all for a candy.
I was bribed with candies to refrain from playing with stones and they are bribed with candies to work with stones.
I only wish the world wasn't cruel to kids.
I can't become a kid and neither can any adult. The two of them were already behaving like adults, with an immature mind. I felt unfortunate to be a part of this unbalanced, discriminating , so called diverse world.
I will now be hitting my pillow. I have to leave for work in the evening. My work is nothing compared to the work these kids were doing. I only hope this thought doesn't haunt me again at work.
I Dialled my own Denial by asking these kids about something they didn't wish to be a part of. They aren't happy, yet they don't want to come out. A CANDY holds them back.

I should have asked them if they'd be willing to go to school if they're given two candies a day... Too late... Shouldn't I have?

P.S---> The girl, her name was Sri Lakshmi and the boy-Harsha.

If my formatting and grammar is outta place, it is because I am sleepy and I didn't want to waste my emotions in my dreams....