Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eternity's Paradoxical Cycle!

You and I are each others' reflections..

You are all I care about, worry about and provide for on every new day..
Inflict lesions on my hirsute surface as you may, yet I will ensure your life’s glabrous..

All the good and all the love I've given through the millennia have gone unnoticed..
In my quest to adjust and balance, I tremor, which makes you despise me..

Life’s all about creation, destruction and recreation, said the creators once..
Even through my destruction, I saved you and didn't shut doors, for I will always love..

When tables turned and you were destroyed, you cared less and chose to destroy through an epiphany..
Destroyed the very bond we shared for eons by wiping out all traces of our relationship in a blink..

My love for you is forever. I may sometimes bring in a few earthquakes, high tides and eruptions..
After all, I'm made of life too. I am susceptible to emotions too. I break and I fix, only for you..

What we have, is felt in too many ways and coincidences which makes us one, not detrimental..
Mistakes happen one too many times, but neither can distance from the other because we're forever one..

I might let my core crumble, my skin boil with lava and might even destroy most things that mattered to me..
But I will protect you, for you are my life; I will wait till you change your mind and learn to love me, once again..