Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Rainbow that Life is!

The ever so colourful and enticing colours in a rainbow never fail to fascinate people it presents itself to. So it's VIBYOR isn't it? Yeah that's what we've learnt.

But who knew our tutors taught us the exact reverse!! It's ROYBIV to be precise, when one looks at a rainbow.
Life's a rainbow and we're told it's going to be VIBGYOR. Who lists Z to A? Who counts backwards? Who would want to list the colours as VIBGYOR when it can be put forth the right way, which is the exact opposite?

Life's similar. We're taught stuff about life and how it will turn out to be. Well, well, well......

Most of space is black and one day life will return to it. Not before lingering around a lot of grey space! Pale grey... Which will neither let you submit yourself to your desires nor to your ultimate happiness. Everyone's life is such. One would want to claim that he/she's happy and doing what they love/ want to and are at peace.
But no one can be at peace. The complex factory inside our heads and hearts always has a secret longing. A side to it which will never let the entity from attaining peace and happiness. There's always a better taste, a better person, a better place, a better adventure, a better star, a better person to lust, a better person to love.

Ever single living being is merely surviving. Not living! All the claims, the promises, the visions, the longings, the wait, the patience, the friendship vows, heart to heart ties(Love, as people call it) forever are in a state of being crumbled.

Now you, the reader must be thinking this guy is a loco or is broken.. Neither. Take a peek into your own lives and unravel your truths.... VIBGYOR is not the same as ROYGBIV just like 1987 is not the same as 7891!
And this is where my rant ends! :)


Monday, August 19, 2013


He walked great lengths of the Earth following that trail he knew he shouldn't be following. 
The reason unknown, the motive unclear, he knew that across every thicket, he’d find nothing.

Yet, powered by the only source, he kept walking with nothing in his head to ponder about.
Unlike a grazer gazing at every opportunity, he kept on like a madman and at times like a scout.

He’d questioned himself a zillion times already and he knew well; the answer would never be in reach.
He was many things before he was a trailer or a stalker before this lesson that life was about to teach.

With or without choice, he had decided to follow the feather which forever seemed to float away.
Across the great seas, the rivers, the barren lands or the swamps, never for would him would it stay.

The feather’s destiny was clear, for it swayed through the different terrains to adorn someone’s hat.
It made stops regularly to interact with its fraternity and its likes because never did it stop at that.

He on the other hand, a madman kept surveying its halts to match pace and catch up with it.
Alas! The madman didn't realise the feather was light and he was too heavy with that grit.

Then came a time he saw it everywhere and detachment stared right into his worn out face.
Lost somewhere on the planet, he swore memories to be his whether in time or space.

Even now, the feather interacts with its interests carefree of the past, seeking what was pre-destined.
Incinerated and numb, the madman projected his memories on the air before goodbye he signed!

I hold rights over this picture and you shall be incinerated should you try and steal it!


###- I know the first line isn't how any post should begin with... But then, that was the intent!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rapid Amnesia!

Yeaaah!! \m/

I knew I was heading towards it, 'cos my memory that I was proud of once, seemed to slip off my head in bits and pieces.
All this started roughly 3 years ago, which co-incidentally marks the beginning of the 3 rough years!!

I began forgetting names of people. Names of places. - Then it hit a stagnant. Things looked like they're not going to get any worse.

And then came a time when I started forgetting names of friends- which was a little too weird. That was round the same time I decided I wouldn't blog. I did a marathon post. A post every day, until the blog closed.
Playing with words and writing was always(still is to an extent) my forte and something I could be proud of.

Then things happened. I started making mistakes. Simple ones. I could feel the pressure in the head when I'd search for words- something which never ever happened.  Those words would eventually come to me. And then, they stopped!

There were days when I'd pick up the dictionary and stare at it because I know I am looking for a word. But I don't know which letter it starts with.
I know the word's a simple one and I've used it a million times in the past, but I don't know how it sounds any more. It all started getting embarrassing. I could speak fluently and now I'm stuck. Waiting for words to finish one sentence? Wow! I knew it had to be a dream. I wished it would end soon.
Alas! The dream never did end.

Songs I've always heard to, now remain only as tunes. Their lyrics, GONE!

I've always remembered my childhood in TRUE HD. Now, only parts of remain. I know for a fact that I remembered something about something which happened in school, until a month ago. Now- It's gone.

My passwords have always been those that are not easy to break/guess, yet impossible for me to not remember.
'At least I'm doing well in this front', thought a version of me a couple of months ago. Well well, I should've known. That day's here. I access my gmail and couple of other sites every day! And I forgot all the passwords. At once! It's like they're gone!
I forgot my laptop password too. Good thing is I bound my password with the biometrics on the laptop. I only have to swipe my finger across the fingerprint reader and it unlocks my laptop. Good!!

I just made note of all my passwords somewhere. Imagine me forgetting my  phone unlock code or my office stuff or my ATM and Internet banking credentials-- The horror of it.

Sweet Holy Mother of Memory!! - You just abandoned me :D.

Rapid Amnesia- wassup mate? You're not welcome, but you don't really care, do you?!!

Me setting a Sky Lantern free at Jomtien beach. A candle to myself !! :D


Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Perfect camouflage

Sitting in the depths of my thoughts, was myself staring into my own eyes in the mirror.
Those cold grizzly eyes played zombie versus vampire, for life to them was filled with horror.

A whiff of damp earth through closed doors reminded him that he was living a lie.
Like the walking dead, he forced himself up to smell nature’s ecstasy served like a pie.

Aha! He thought. What seemed like a century old wait, came presenting itself to him.
The perfect camouflage to rip himself apart, oblivious to all eyes he wept for the victim.

From a bird’s view he looked like he was, at the same time, downing and drowning.
Those dead eyes could tell it was way more than just that. He was incurvating.

Nature’s bountiful showers promised to wash away THE thing. Little did it know it had to fail.
His life was preset. He called quits to his wait and knew that this was the right time to set sail.

The lifeless form did everything to display the lie. It was inconspicuously putting on a ritz.
Only he knew that it was time to morph ‘cos all the conflict inside him was an immortal blitz.

The Perfect camouflage was just the moment he was waiting for, just the right opportunity.

His time’s up here and time starts there.  He knew his struggle will be always be a fight till eternity....

The cave we explored in Srisailam. This one was big enough to walk. In many places, it wasn't big enough to crawl and I was leading with 4 others behind me. If I had to come out, the others had to crawl back. There was no space to even turn around when crawling, we just had to crawl without looking back. Scary, yet felt at home.

If you open this image full-screen, you will find hundreds of tiny bats and their glittering eyes.



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The great exit!

Not going to bore you guys with a long, never ending, meaningless one.

The thing is, you can change a process, but you can never change one's thought process.

Processes can drive you nut and so can peoples thought processes.

What if multiple thought processes from multiple sources are the reason for shaping one process?

The process can still be changed, for it's topical. But the thought which shapes the process, stays. On the exterior, it'll look like it has changed too, but the fact remains.
It doesn't. Because it's what shows what people are made of- cunning, lethargy, good, kind, honest, bullshitting, bluffer-- makes that person.

So I've been going through this, right? And since I can only may be change the process and not the thought process, that's as good as a game lost. What's the use if you can't achieve something which serves a greater benefit?

So the great exit begins... 

And the great confusion begins too...

.... in your heads!

Shutting down now.....
And will be a boot failure!