Sunday, September 27, 2009

SHADOW: Does it Haunt or does it Follow?

Often I've had varied thoughts about this creepy, familiar figure which extends to a few feet in length from my toes on the ground. I've wondered if this entity called a "Shadow" is of any use and is of any burden to Earth. The answer has never come my way and I doubt if it ever will.
Lately, I've begun wondering if this silhouette of mine haunts me or it just follows me, as the most loyal entity ever.

I hate it when it imitates me. I hate it when it is a few extra feet longer or shorter and I also hate it when it overlaps with another one of its own kind.
The picture above was one I took when me and my Bikers Group went on a trip to Vikarabad forest. I took this picture with an intent to hurt it. Though it understands no words and no language, except to imitate my own actions., it succeeded in hurting me back by becoming one of the best pictures in my album.

It boasts of a water-fire-tamper proof suit and walks with might and pride alongside me. People call it a "SHADOW". I call it my Best Friend. Someone who would never leave me in the thick and thin of LIGHT. Helpless however it is when it is dark. Not many people have succeeded being a part of me and my life for long, even when there was light all around. I feel proud to have a very light, non-complaining, immortal entity as my best pal. I am not sure if you're haunting me or you're just following me, but I Love You. You succeeded where everyone failed. I remember you growing alongside me as far as my conscious mind goes. I feel brave when you're around.
We make a great team. Thanks for being around. :-)

--R.o.H.i.T....(Your Shadow which breathes)

Friday, September 25, 2009

A shatter within myself... A pleasant one this time....

Blow after blow, I wondered how long I'd last... I wondered how long I'd keep things to myself... I didn't know it was the final blow, for I thought the final blow would knock me out cold forever...
But, it came as a pleasant surprise when the blow blew the cover off me. I felt the breeze hit my face. The air was fresh, it was filled with an energetic smell and suddenly I felt light. Something I've not been introduced to for more than an year now.
It feels great to be back and I thank time for punching me in the face everytime I tried to stand up. I now know its not just others who can come out of situations.. I can too :D...

~~ Peace :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You never undersood me..... Never will....

Looking back on the shortest friendship I ever had,

I cannot help but feel hopeless and sad.

Truly wishing we could have made it work.
The whole thing left me feeling like a jerk.

The picture you have of me, not corrected.
You turned away, left me feeling neglected.

I didn't get a chance to say what I feel inside.
Not the kind to dwell on self pity or the need to hide.

Unable to reach you, you went to where you feel safe,
The things you told me, I will take them to my grave,
along with so many other life ' s stories I carry with me
Hoping one day you will change your mind, friends is what I want to be.

Sorry for being imperfect, I know you are lonely and so am I
but pushing is not my style, so I guess this means you made me call it a good BYE.

To the person who could have been my best friend for life.
Who could have saved me from the edge of the knife

To the person who liked Ice.
Who made me anything but Wise.

To the person who tried less than a few times.
Who explained sometimes, each in a Lie.
Who made me ask "Why me?".... WHY?

To the person who could have helped ME be MYSELF.
Who could have let me be human, instead of a toy on the shelf

To the person who played with my life, like a game of chess.
Who could have actually saved me from all this mess.....

To the person who never understood me.
Who will never understand me.

To the person who once ignored.
Who toyed with my emotions whenever bored.

NEVER come back into my life, for the trust now is nothing but a heap of rust.
I held our friendship close to my heart, you now leave me torn apart.
I don't wish for a time machine, cos all that happened taught me a lesson a million books couldn't have.
You could have sacrificed a little from your selfishness, a little from your desires, a little from your wants, and we still could have been friends belonging to the best league.
It hurts when I look back at the past and find my sacrifice all in vain.
Our relation is now, nothing but memories flushed down the drain.

I can curse, but that's not me. That' s not the person you knew. That's not the person you made friends with. That's not the person who loved to live life. Who loved to see smiles. Though the Smiles have vanished, the memory chip in me still hasn't gone to the extent of cursing you.
Take care my friend. All the best with all your future endeavours, challenges and relations. Good bye Champ...

I have for long wanted to share this with someone. To let a little burden off my eyes and my mind. I don't know you, the person who is reading this and you don't know the person I'm writing this for. This was just an attempt to relieve myself at least a little from all the agony........