Wednesday, October 17, 2012


... is something which most people dread.
... can drive weird thoughts into people
... can be the one source of uneasiness.

... probably is as good as solitary confinement
... could also mean a lot of other things.

But you, you must take my silence differently. Times can be difficult. But my silence will always stand by you. To give you a sense of security. Hopefully a reason of additional happiness.

Something that can nurture you. Breathe in the air filled with my silence and live an oxygenated life. See through my silence, the beauty this world has to offer in the living and the non-living.
In brightness and in darkness. In happiness and in sorrow, this silence will stand by to listen to everything and to approve everything correct.

My physiological absence does not mean I am psychologically absent. I am there. Always there to transform into a sword when you are weak and a shield when you are strong. I am to complement. 
You should consciously forget I am around. You should forget I ever existed. But in your subconscious you should trust in this shield. You must wield this sword.

You will prosper. You will grow. You will flower. You will find happiness for real. You will sway to the breeze and you will dance in the rain. Free from all the dirt. Full of everything good.

You are the Fragrance, the best ever. Believe in that and let go of the sniff sniff. Instead, catch hold of your fragrance by doing a whiff whiff..

Nature to its inhabitants. The love visibly absent but undeniably present forever!


Monday, October 15, 2012


I was counting the number of rotations my ceiling fan was making when appa pushed open my door and asked me if i will have my dinner.

I replied "I am sure I dont want to".

He shut the door and returned after a minute and asked me the same thing.

Slightly irritated, I replied "No appa I've been trying to sleep".

He shut the door and came back again a minute later asking me if I want to eat dosa.

I lost it. I replied--
"Appa my anger is directly proportional to me being irritated".

And this was in a very rude tone and I feel like shit about it.
But now that I am typing this post through my SGSII which might not last this week, I am sating to myself-- that was a line from a genius. Or a super insane guy. Who else would relate two different, yet related scenarios with a word like "directly proportional"??!!

I am Insanius(insan+ius)! Clearly.

Also, I didn't give Sriram my daily attendance. I am running out of patience mate!! Dont I need a long vacation. Like an eternal one? -- Sure deserve one!

Signing off...

Insaniusly yours,

How to?

I cannot. Learn to live with it fella! The unstoppable pounding and the hyperventilation should but be treated as normal.

Je n'arrive pas a t'oublier!