Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The great exit!

Not going to bore you guys with a long, never ending, meaningless one.

The thing is, you can change a process, but you can never change one's thought process.

Processes can drive you nut and so can peoples thought processes.

What if multiple thought processes from multiple sources are the reason for shaping one process?

The process can still be changed, for it's topical. But the thought which shapes the process, stays. On the exterior, it'll look like it has changed too, but the fact remains.
It doesn't. Because it's what shows what people are made of- cunning, lethargy, good, kind, honest, bullshitting, bluffer-- makes that person.

So I've been going through this, right? And since I can only may be change the process and not the thought process, that's as good as a game lost. What's the use if you can't achieve something which serves a greater benefit?

So the great exit begins... 

And the great confusion begins too...

.... in your heads!

Shutting down now.....
And will be a boot failure!