Monday, December 14, 2009

Heights of My Boredom

Disclaimer: This wasn't meant to be on my blog.... It was meant to be in the Share/Status window on my facebook profile. Facebook gave an error :-(.. I ain't typing it here... Look at the error below ↓↓↓

RoHiT Iyer says-

HE is SAD.... is LONELY.... is EMOTIONAL... is starting to go cranky.... is UNEASY.... is BORED... is letting his mind WANDER...
All this means, I've been bored to the extent of getting emotional with all the black and white memories flashing within myself.... Which ALSO means, its time I hit the sack.... Good night/morning folks...

P.S--> If you're thinking I-- am in Love, have gotten Sane, need medical attention o' watevaa cos I'm sleeping this early..... Hell NO!! I'm fine...
Its just this rare phenomena wherein I sleep before the Sun Rises.... Later Gator!! Love y'all....
~~♥ ♥ ♥ ♥~~

Oh nooo I ain't drunk either... Wicked minds.. Can't I love anyone?? D'oh.. Alright I'm off to sleep..
I want to write a blog....BADLY..... My fingers want rest too... I've been typing for more than 7 hours non-stop now.. I ain't human.... I'm a Humanoid. And yeah, Humanoids need rest too....
Ok. Final bye!
On second thoughts, is tomorrow a Monday?? Damn!! >:P
Uh oh... :-s.. Tomorrow has already entered and today is tomorrow. Which means today is MONDAY!! Double damn...
How the hell can you sleep so early, RoHiT??
RoHiT: Well uh.. stop talking to yourself dude.. You've already said a bye thrice.. Be true to your words..
Dreamy RoHiT: I know what I'm upto... tu kaaam karr re reyyyy...uh.. tu so jaa re reyyy... >:P
RoHiT: You're useless.... I'm off to sleep.. Lemme see how you'll blah blah here on Facebook without ma body... muhahahaha
Dream RoHiT: I control yaa ... Muhahahaha(double...erm triple the wicked laughs!!)
RoHiT: Dishum Dishum... TNT+RDX+Laxmi Bomb+Flower pot
Dreamy RoHiT: Main Kaun hoon?? :-/ :O...Main Kahaan Hoon ??? :P
RoHiT: Yooohooo I Won Folks!! Adios amigos now!! Good night/mornin..

Whisper~~~~> Dreamy RoHiT: I was acting, pals. I'm gonna torment him in his sleep.. You guys have a good one. ;-)

All this happened about 40 mins ago and I don't know why I typed all this..
Anyways.. Good night/mornin peeps.. And this time, its for REAL!! ;) :P


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My New Status line!!

I am in LOVE and I am NOT ASHAMED of it..... I am sticking to myself. In LOVE with MYSELF AGAIN!! Whoever said one can't fall in love twice... I'm such an ass.. such a sweetheart...such a traitor.. Love yaa best buddy...>:D<... I missed you all these days. Thanks for coming back to yourself and with the same determination.. Stay this way RoHiT.....

I am not sure why I typed this... But I felt very full of myself. I felt content that day. I loved myself after a very long time.... The feeling still is fresh.. Oh, please stay with me!..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

KurBanned 2012

Friday, 20th Nov; 7PM--> My brother calls me up and asks if tickets for Kurbaan or 2012 are available. I check Bookmyshow and find tickets for almost every show available for Kurbaan. I book tickets for the 22:00 show at I-Max. I smell puri being made at home. I tell dad that I'm going to bring some Paneer Butter Masala. I rush out and I come home with a parcel of Paneer Butter Masala-->Time 21:00 hrs.
Getting late for the show, considering my brother also has to get ready- He just reached his place after a typically tired day at work.
I gobble Puri-Paneer and shucks! I don't even remember how that supa tasty looking curry tasted like. Watta waste! :-s..
Done with dinner, dressing up and wasting quite some deo on maself. I thought this ain't tat big a Kurbaani for Kurbaan :D..
I go to my brother's place and he's having his dinner!! Woaah amazing timing :|.. I ain't shocked cos we're both late lathifs :P..hehe.. Time : 21:45 hrs !! :-s :-s
He gets ready in a jiffy, wastes some deo too :P.
Hope on ma bike and we dhoom all the way via Paradise-->Anand theatre-->KIMS-->Necklace Road-->Khairatabad Flyover-->Prasads I-Max FINALLY!! :P... We go to the parking lot and the parking charges-->10 Rupees!! ?? Wat the hell, it was 5 Rupees last month... Bloody **#$*#$** ... :-(. Once done, we don't care to take the stairs, we lept our way to the ticket counter ... We saved climbing 3 stairs that way :P.. lol.. I give my phone to ma brother and he gets the tickets after showing the Message. Time: 22:12 hrs... We're 12 mins late..
Security guards doing their job by checking us rather uncomfortably with their hands in all the wrong places.. You know what I mean don't you?? The escalators are lined up with first timers, obvious because their reluctance shows! Me and my brother race up the stairs with people wondering if one of them is a thief and the other one is chasing him to get this belongings back!! :P.. Quite a sight :D..
Finally Screen 4 F-18 and 19. We get to our seats and the song "Shukran Allah" nearly done.
Damn! We missed it...aaarghhhh... The movie started of well. The theatre was filled with couples and people in their 20s, all of them eager to watch the "SAIFEENA CHEMISTRY!!"
Movie starts with Saif and his so called sacrifice for Kareena and blah blah blah!
Only God knows what made the director and the producer accept the storyline thereafter.
The Direction I thought was fine, music was fine too. Nothing else was.
The story takes a sharp turn. Dia Mirza dies, Vivek Oberoi decides to take personal revenge without informing the cops, though he knows who the terrorists are. SAIFEENA suddenly becomes SAIF and KAREENA!
Kareena gets pregnant by then, she goes to the clinic with Saif for a checkup blah blah blah.. They have a look at the baby using ultrasound. The baby looks grown up, considering her tummy which still is zero size!! Kareena is so so Kareenated. Anything can happen when the subject is Kareena; said some great scholar! lol....
Folks at the movie hall barely could digest this and Kareena starts seducing Saif. Saif and Kareena become SAIFEENA again.
This irked people and the air was filled with giggles and some concerned folks saying "How can he/she?" lmao....
The title Kurbaan is what helps people digest this :P...
With few more twists, turns and accelerated scenes the movie comes to an end with Saif shooting himself and Kareena on her knees, Vivek with a broken hand. AMAZING!!!
200 bucks for Kurbaan = Such a waste :|
Me and ma brother decided to have some hot tea to get the Kurbrain out.. erm.. Kurbaan out of our brains :P...
Vroooommm Vrooom.. Damn! No tea stalls.. We decide to go home and I dropped him at his place, had some Alphonso ice-cream whilst watching "Double Team" starring "Jean Claude Van Damme" for the umpteenth time. I look at the watch and the Time-- 02:00 am...
I leave to ma place bidding "Garnier" to bro.
Bored, I watch "Gamer" and hit the sack at 3:30 am. I set the Alarm for 9:30 am--Need to get my Bike Serviced!!!. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz..
9:30 am and my parents are surprised I'm walking out of my room. I am sure they must've thought I was sleep walking. I smile at them and they're awe-struck.. D'oh..
10:00 am and I reach the Honda Service Centre, only find out they're not open that day.... What Luck!! :-(
Mega Disaster...Morning 9:30 after 6 hrs sleep....
Bike servicing-->A complete flop ==>disaster
Dad lost his phone.
Blocked his SIM and called Nokia to get the handset blocked, like Sony Ericsson does and helpdesk says Nokia doesn't block phones.---->GREAT!!
Went to BIG cinemas and watched 2012 with team-mates...... I had high expectations especially for 2012.. ALAS!
2012-->disaster...pakka bolly ishtyle.... damn!
Dialed my own denial into them.:D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Dialled my own Denial.... Again!!

The world can be so beautiful, so calming, so bright....yet be cruel, ugly and dark.
I hate it when the world shows its discrimination specially when it comes to children.

This morning, I went to a local Amul outlet and I saw faces and from the looks, it seemed like they'd barely be 12 or 13 years old. They were lifting blocks of granite, and dumping them a few yards away. My heart skipped a few beats and suddenly accelerated when I saw one of them lose grip of the block and it missed his foot by a whisker.
I called the elder one, or so he looked and asked him if he'd want to go to school and study.
He gave me a sharp NO nod with a "tchh" sound. I didn't expect a better answer. Soon, the younger one came and I asked her the same. She didn't answer,but looked at the other one. He gave her the same NO nod with the exact "tchh" sound. She smiled and soon, he followed suit by smiling.
I asked them if they would ever want to go to School . Both kids smiled and I didn't quite understand their smile, this time round. It was more like a sarcastic one which probably meant "didn't we answer earlier, dumbo".....
I was about to leave, when the girl said they do this all for a lollypop each day.[She showed me one:) ]. I can't express what happened to me, it was like a sudden surge of energy discharging itself through my fingertips and I almost had goosebumps(I don't know why ,but yes I had goosebumps)...
These kids were working their limbs off, for a candy each day!...
There isn't much that I can do. Not at the moment. I only wish this world had given those kids the same life I had... The same life I thought wasn't beautiful enough..

At their age, I was busy eating a candy- whilst chasing butterflies and dragon flies and these kids are already doing an adult's job- all for a candy.
I was bribed with candies to refrain from playing with stones and they are bribed with candies to work with stones.
I only wish the world wasn't cruel to kids.
I can't become a kid and neither can any adult. The two of them were already behaving like adults, with an immature mind. I felt unfortunate to be a part of this unbalanced, discriminating , so called diverse world.
I will now be hitting my pillow. I have to leave for work in the evening. My work is nothing compared to the work these kids were doing. I only hope this thought doesn't haunt me again at work.
I Dialled my own Denial by asking these kids about something they didn't wish to be a part of. They aren't happy, yet they don't want to come out. A CANDY holds them back.

I should have asked them if they'd be willing to go to school if they're given two candies a day... Too late... Shouldn't I have?

P.S---> The girl, her name was Sri Lakshmi and the boy-Harsha.

If my formatting and grammar is outta place, it is because I am sleepy and I didn't want to waste my emotions in my dreams....


Sunday, September 27, 2009

SHADOW: Does it Haunt or does it Follow?

Often I've had varied thoughts about this creepy, familiar figure which extends to a few feet in length from my toes on the ground. I've wondered if this entity called a "Shadow" is of any use and is of any burden to Earth. The answer has never come my way and I doubt if it ever will.
Lately, I've begun wondering if this silhouette of mine haunts me or it just follows me, as the most loyal entity ever.

I hate it when it imitates me. I hate it when it is a few extra feet longer or shorter and I also hate it when it overlaps with another one of its own kind.
The picture above was one I took when me and my Bikers Group went on a trip to Vikarabad forest. I took this picture with an intent to hurt it. Though it understands no words and no language, except to imitate my own actions., it succeeded in hurting me back by becoming one of the best pictures in my album.

It boasts of a water-fire-tamper proof suit and walks with might and pride alongside me. People call it a "SHADOW". I call it my Best Friend. Someone who would never leave me in the thick and thin of LIGHT. Helpless however it is when it is dark. Not many people have succeeded being a part of me and my life for long, even when there was light all around. I feel proud to have a very light, non-complaining, immortal entity as my best pal. I am not sure if you're haunting me or you're just following me, but I Love You. You succeeded where everyone failed. I remember you growing alongside me as far as my conscious mind goes. I feel brave when you're around.
We make a great team. Thanks for being around. :-)

--R.o.H.i.T....(Your Shadow which breathes)

Friday, September 25, 2009

A shatter within myself... A pleasant one this time....

Blow after blow, I wondered how long I'd last... I wondered how long I'd keep things to myself... I didn't know it was the final blow, for I thought the final blow would knock me out cold forever...
But, it came as a pleasant surprise when the blow blew the cover off me. I felt the breeze hit my face. The air was fresh, it was filled with an energetic smell and suddenly I felt light. Something I've not been introduced to for more than an year now.
It feels great to be back and I thank time for punching me in the face everytime I tried to stand up. I now know its not just others who can come out of situations.. I can too :D...

~~ Peace :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You never undersood me..... Never will....

Looking back on the shortest friendship I ever had,

I cannot help but feel hopeless and sad.

Truly wishing we could have made it work.
The whole thing left me feeling like a jerk.

The picture you have of me, not corrected.
You turned away, left me feeling neglected.

I didn't get a chance to say what I feel inside.
Not the kind to dwell on self pity or the need to hide.

Unable to reach you, you went to where you feel safe,
The things you told me, I will take them to my grave,
along with so many other life ' s stories I carry with me
Hoping one day you will change your mind, friends is what I want to be.

Sorry for being imperfect, I know you are lonely and so am I
but pushing is not my style, so I guess this means you made me call it a good BYE.

To the person who could have been my best friend for life.
Who could have saved me from the edge of the knife

To the person who liked Ice.
Who made me anything but Wise.

To the person who tried less than a few times.
Who explained sometimes, each in a Lie.
Who made me ask "Why me?".... WHY?

To the person who could have helped ME be MYSELF.
Who could have let me be human, instead of a toy on the shelf

To the person who played with my life, like a game of chess.
Who could have actually saved me from all this mess.....

To the person who never understood me.
Who will never understand me.

To the person who once ignored.
Who toyed with my emotions whenever bored.

NEVER come back into my life, for the trust now is nothing but a heap of rust.
I held our friendship close to my heart, you now leave me torn apart.
I don't wish for a time machine, cos all that happened taught me a lesson a million books couldn't have.
You could have sacrificed a little from your selfishness, a little from your desires, a little from your wants, and we still could have been friends belonging to the best league.
It hurts when I look back at the past and find my sacrifice all in vain.
Our relation is now, nothing but memories flushed down the drain.

I can curse, but that's not me. That' s not the person you knew. That's not the person you made friends with. That's not the person who loved to live life. Who loved to see smiles. Though the Smiles have vanished, the memory chip in me still hasn't gone to the extent of cursing you.
Take care my friend. All the best with all your future endeavours, challenges and relations. Good bye Champ...

I have for long wanted to share this with someone. To let a little burden off my eyes and my mind. I don't know you, the person who is reading this and you don't know the person I'm writing this for. This was just an attempt to relieve myself at least a little from all the agony........