Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Grandest Deceit Ever!

Vacuously, he kept counting the beads on the string.
Starting back when he was done with the last one.
Skimming over the string, bead by bead
Hours or days? Time then went dead
He implored his dead heart for a tick tock may be
And all he could hear was an immobile claustrophobic organ.

She rolled the beads around her neck one by one.
Starting back when done with all of them.
Devoid of any conniption, like a newborn
Hours or days? Time then went racer mode.
She took to this new life with radiant alacrity, listening to her heart
And all she could hear was the flitting heart, making space for another kill.

Image From Magpie Tales for Mag280

Rohit Iyer

Had to be some coincidence that my only non-watch-wrist-accessory had to snap when writing this piece!