Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Krishna Key- BlogAdda Book Review

I'm really not a book kind of a person but I love history, mythology and the unexplainable. This is my first book review and I am glad my first one is 'The Krishna Key'.

Ashwin Sanghi mentions in the last para of the author's note that "the words that flow from mind to matter are merely through me and not from me". There is a lot of humility and wisdom in these words. The Krishna Key gives deep insight into the Mahabharata and the story is woven around this great epic.  One feels a compulsion to continue reading without a pause and there is a lot of information, mystery and a want to know what is going to happen next.  Hindu symbols like the Shiv Lingam, the Swastika, the lotus and not to mention the Syamantaka are given a new dimension.  Though many of us would have read about the destruction of the Somnath temple in school history, one re-realises the richness, heritage and inherent powers of Somnath in this book.

Priya the central character of the novel is a strong and intelligent woman, but there are places where she is shown to be unduly criminal minded and at others where she seems to be weak.  Also the need to kill the main descendants of the Yadava clan should have been made more relevant.  Taarak seems just to obey orders with no mind of his own.  While the major part of the book is absorbing and riveting, the ending is not as racy.

Typos like ‘Saravsati’ instead of ‘Sarasvati’ on page 137 could have been avoided.  Also on page 300 the mention of ‘Vyuha formation’ could have been avoided, as vyuha actually means formation itself! What’s a formation formation?? I’m guessing it should have been some vyuha- Padma-vyuha, Chakra-vyuha, etc.,
Another major mistake saying Priya was taken by a helicopter whereas it should be Radhika (pg 301).

-          Great cover design. Captivating and makes you want to feel the design.
-          Good story line. Progressive and gripping- well, almost!
-          11 pages of Reference and Acknowledgements! Now that’s some amazing research work. Great job!

-          To see a book as wonderful as this with typos and interlinking of characters is not a good sign. I would expect better from Ashwin Sanghvi. There’s nothing worse than ruining the story line by mentioning a character who shouldn’t be, per the story’s context.
-          The content makes sure you cannot put the book down, but later, towards the end, it loses its charm and gets a little boring and predictable.

I would rate the book a 9/10 for the design, 7/10 for the writeup and an 8/10 for the story. It is definitely a book you would want to have on list to read and on your bookshelf!

Nothing can take away the reader's interest and attention to the novel which is on the whole a remarkable one and which is sure to become another best seller.

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Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

Nice review. Nice feature of bringing out the pros n cons of the novel distinctively.

Also, while talking about the typos and stuff, the scene of the bank locker, when Priya and Taarak enter the room, instead of Radhika and Saini raise their hands up coz of the gun, it's mentioned Priyanka and Saini raise their hands up.

RoHiT Iyer said...

Thank you, devilzangel... Yes I guess that's another error too(yet another one!).

Rinaya said...

I got the book too..& well was instantly amazed by the vivid resemblance with Angels & Demons!
The style does seem the same doesn't it?And yes the typos... :(
Check my review of it too :)

Mirza Ghalib said...

Yes, the quality of writing is diminishing (It was never world class).
Should take a break, go to the hills, play with your kids or something.
Please do not write another load of sh*t like this.
Krishna Key is written just for the sake of publishing another book while his name (Mainly due to the Chanakya's Chant), is still hot. No people, no point in spending on this.