Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Boiling Frog!

For long, I've been intrigued by the 'Boiling Frog' theory which states that a frog dies a slow and stupid death when placed in a pot of cold water and then heated till boiling point.

There's been much debate about it and I don't know if it's true, nor do I want to find out the credibility of the theory myself. I'd be causing way too much trauma to that poor thing if I'd put it on my to-do list. Or may be not!?

Any which ways, I love the theory because the creature truly is nature's wonder. They sleep through the winter and their metabolism can slow down to extents that their lungs and hearts stop functioning, but will kick start as soon as winter's off.
Some also estivate through summer and start croaking during the rains. I should have become a herpetologist!
They've learnt to acclimatise. Their physiological adaptation is so fucking good that they can survive the apocalypse! Well, almost!

The title of this post's a metaphor I wish I could relate when talking about myself. This world unnerves me. I unnerve myself. I wish I could croak and sleep through these times. To let my heart stop functioning.. Stop breathing completely. Whether I snap out of the hibernation is immaterial to me.

I wish... Or should I delve into Organic Cryogenics to succeed in my pursuit of a sly escape route?
This will need some dedicated Thinking man time!
He probably was me, then!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Can no longer write?

Half through reading my last blog post, I thought to myself. The post sucks! Whatever happened to the flow of words. Clogged! 

C'est la vie...... let it be.. Well, at least this rhymed....


3- Moonu

I know! I had the same look on my face when I first heard this was a movie's name.
When I then found out that the song 'Why this Kolaveri Di' is a part of this movie, my first reaction was WHAAAAT THE FUCK!!??!!

As we know, the song went on to become a viral sensation across the globe and it was on everyone's lips, hello-tune, ringtone and every freaking cab played it.
In a couple of months all the hoopla about it died. I thought that the movie, like the song would be funky one.

About 6 months ago, I downloaded this movie and it was nothing like the song. I for some reason could relate myself with it very strongly.

 And, that was it. I never watched that movie again until 3 months ago. Since then, I've watched it over a dozen times. May be 20 times too! The storyline is simply awesome. College life romance to marriage to the male lead's death-- Everything was smooth. Not for a minute did I feel bored all these times. Dhanush, I thought was a useless hero, but he changed my opinion of him with this movie. He's not good looking but sure can act. He's Rajnikanth's Son-in-law now, so probably a little talent brushed off! Shruti Hassan as usual looked stunning and did a fine job in the movie. Complete justice to the intense scenes she had to play.

The lyrics in every song in that movie related with me. I'm a Tamilian who can just about do better than 'manage' when it comes to my mother tongue. Yet, I could understand every word in every song in this movie. Without a binding agent, I was instantaneously bound to this movie forever.

These songs play all the time in my head. My playlist on youtube is filled with 4 songs from this movie.

I possibly suffer from bi-polar disorder too in addition to a few more orderly disorders! :)

Here are songs I love the most from this movie-- in no specific order...

-- Nee Partha Vizhigal

-- Kannazhaga

-- Po Nee Po

-- Idhazhin Oram

The two Instrumental tracks also are awesome. Just something about them which bond with me. What? I have no clue.

--Full of Life(Theme Music)

--Rhythm of Love

The complete audio track on Youtube is here-----

The posters might seem a little misleading. Don't rent this movie if you're making your decisions after looking at the posters. This is not a movie for the Home Alone times! It's definitely a family flick.

I'm not sure how long this link will stay alive for.. But here it is.. The entire movie on Youtube, with English Subs.

The film's already at the 41 minute mark on my video player as I'm typing this...


Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Carnage

Perhaps one would think I need to F5 my life.
Perhaps I should think my life's F9 already....

Every now, then and then and then, I see BLACK.
Is it the only colour that exists? Is it the only thing that I can relate light and darkness with, at the same time?
May be BLACK is not a colour here. May be it is not a situation. May be it means something.
Could it be a different dimension?
A world which wants me to inhabit it? Perhaps a world unheard of. Unseen of. Will I not know until I take the plunge?

Every now, then and then and then, I hear BOOM BOOM.
Is it the only sound that exists? Is it the only sound I can relate my present and my past with, at the same time?
May be BOOM BOOM is not a sound here. May be it is not an entity that can be calculated. May be it means something too.
Is it the answer to owning BLACK? Could it be the passage to the BLACK?
A passage with wondrous mirrors, all of them with me in them. The only person I can connect with now? All the mirrors aping everything I do. I raise my left hand and the mirror does the same,'cos it knows only to reflect.
BLACK-BOOM BOOM! Is that the answer to the 4th pane? Still unclear, I will never know until I take the plunge.

Every now, then and then and then, I am called a BABA.
Is it the only identification to me that exists? Is it the only thing I can relate my current self with?
May be BABA is not a personality, a trait, a character. May be it's more than just marijuana and a fancy word.
Could it be the absolute truth?
The truth I was supposed to experience and fill myself with, so I don't complain about myself or the world around me? Incineration through thoughts. Or is it more like Spontaneous combustion!!??
Entangled in my own complex web, I help others from their own. Will being me result into frequent poignant reminders of the abyss I've lost myself in?
To the third eye, I appear pent up in my own body. Little would they know that I've spent my so-called geniousity* in discovering the truth.

BLACK BOOM BOOM BABA had to happen. I had to transform. I promulgate this. It's something you must know so none of you fall prey to the vulture that I am!... NOW...


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Déjà Vu, Déjà Vued!

Seems like yesterday that I saw a similar day under similar circumstances last calendar year. I could communicate then in bits.

So can I now.
Just differently. Just with myself.

Any which ways, just like I wished then and I will wish later, I wish now that all of the world's luck and success is bestowed upon thee.

Thou shalt not halt. Thou shalt not weep. Thou shalt not look back. Thou shalt take this as a small step in the present, yet a gigantic leap for the future.

WYTB IOHE SUES H###T I#### N#### G####