Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Alien when awake. An Alien even when asleep! :)

“Great shot! Keep playing this way and we’ll win.”—that’s what we kept shouting when he played his best cricket. Our team was about to win when it started raining heavily. Everyone started running to their houses and so did I.
I looked up at the sky and saw something weird. I saw Earth’s reflection in the sky as if the sky was all water. This mirror in the sky was surrounded by dense, dark clouds. I could see trees, buildings, roads and vehicles. The scene was familiar. It was the neighbourhood. I rushed to my place and it stopped raining all of a sudden. I stood next to the door and asked my parents and my brother to come and see it. But something wasn’t right. The reflection was disappearing slowly. It was as if the mirror was disappearing and it left behind a nice blue sky. There still was some reflection visible and I called out to my family and by the time they came, all they could see was bright blue sky surrounded by dense, dark clouds.

I had an eerie feeling about this and I was explaining what I saw to them when we heard explosions as if there were a chain of explosions a few miles away from us. We rushed to the top floor and saw a whole patch of the neighbourhood in flames cause by balls of fire. Sriram(my brother) who is a budding  Astrophysicist told us that these probably are high intensity solar flares. In a few seconds, the glare went dim and there was a Giant Beetle spitting flames. It was pure evil. The ground shook with every step the beetle took.. The sky was filled with smoke and the clouds clashed into each other resulting in a large thunderous sound. It started raining very heavily with the wind reaching wild speeds. The beetle disappeared and we didn’t even notice it. Raindrops hit us with blatant force and we almost felt they were digging into our skins.

We didn’t waste time and we rushed downstairs to our house. A very unprecedented happening had occurred minutes ago and that forced all of us into my room. A sense of fear crept into us and we told each other how much we love each other, just in case we don’t get to see each other.

Just then, my brother noticed that the balcony door was open. I rushed towards the door and I faced high resistance from the winds.  The rain drops showed no mercy and hit against my face with brute force. I managed to close the door and ran back to my room. I played some music only to be interrupted by the sound of the eerie feeling of heavy footsteps. We feared the worst. I am an atheist but I swear I prayed to whatever is up there—an Alien or GOD--Whatever!!
We prepared ourselves for the worst.

Something even worse happened. I heard those heavy footsteps again... :-s..


My heart was beating at lightning pace. I could almost hear my heart-beat. It was horrible.

I woke up..

Mahn it was rough. It was exciting. It was filled with adrenaline and it was one of the kinds.

Omg! It was only a Dream.. Phew!

I woke up and still heard heavy footsteps followed by not so heavy footsteps. It was Muskaan(The little girl who stays upstairs), running around in her merry self and Shourya, her younger brother. 

For once, I smiled at their torture!!


edit: I wrote this in a hurry cos dreams are difficult to remember!! :P

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Hue in You known by the very Few.

Why is it that I feel new?
Like my life's got a new hue.

It’s definitely not the new hue. It’s just the old you!
Feels glad you’re back in the league of the very few!!

It feels freaking good when you speak.
Like a bird singing with its clap-clap beak..

I'm watching you and I'm smiling at myself.
I can’t help it! You’re doing the same. Look at yourself!

It’s raining 'n' I barely feel the raindrops.
Just the way we felt when we danced with different props..

Can it get any better now that you're here?
Hell no! Let's play spear when we're clear!! :D

I can't take off that image of yours from my mind.
I wonder what would happen if I forget that. I'd go blind..

Let me know if you want to let go and want to break all this.
Nothing's worse than telling me "You're passé'. I'm his."..

I know it’s not a dude but your wondrous, weird and colourful thoughts.
You know too! But that's oki doki cos you have them for me. The Hots!!

Oh yes it's alright cos I'm here. I'm RoHiT...:-)
Yes dear we'll be the same forever. Always a HiT!!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Member of Parliaments 300% richer legally!!

Rich, Richer, Richerer, Richererer............. and never the Richest.

This is what seems to be the spate of India’s politicians. The country’s servants demanded a hike for the “EXCEPTIONAL” work they are doing and reportedly, their current salaries are not good enough.

When I talk about the hike they’ve asked for, you probably think it’s just like other organisations and sectors- A hike of 30, 40, 50 or 80%. If that’s what you guessed, prepare yourselves for a rude shock. The ever faithful and honest MPs have asked for a whopping 300% hike and well, it’s been agreed upon.

Statistics quote that 315 of the 543 MPs in the Lok Sabha are Crorepatis and the average asset of these crorepatis is Rs. 5.33 Crore. The MPs in the Rajya Sabha are a little POORER but definitely show the determination for the betterment of themselves. They promise they’ll catch up soon. Watch out Lok Sabha folks.. You have to work harder!!

For readers who aren’t Indians and have trouble understanding or calculating how much a Crore is, let me help you. 1 Crore= 10 million.

When the Cabinet approved the hike to 80,000 INR per month to these MPs, several non BJP opposition members did what was expected of them. Show dissatisfaction at the hike, though it was a mammoth hike of 300% from their then salary of 16,000 INR as basic per month. They STILL felt it wasn’t adequate.

They wanted the hike to be at-least 80,001 INR, a Rupee more than The Secretary to The Government.

One Mr. Bansal was heard saying, "We should not compare pension of MPs with government servants as they serve for 30-odd years. Whereas MPs have a term of one-two years or maximum five years."

Wow!! Shows where their betterment plans are inclined to. Not the people but themselves. Fill your pockets and your mouths with green paper..

Phew! That’s some money huh? I want to become an MP too. And I actually did some research on and off the internet. I was thinking it’d be hell of a task to become one and surprisingly, it isn’t. Anyone can become an MP :-D!! You want to become one too? Well, read on then...

If you are an MP and you’re reading this, STOP right here because you know it all and have done it all!

Ah my friends and readers—I was talking about the requirements of becoming a Multi Paisawala. Is that the non-abbreviated form of “MP”?? I just Googled! It stands for “Member of Parliament” .. haha lol:P. Oops, I think I am straying off topic :-s...

I am going to ask you twenty two questions and at the end of this, you’ll be able to assess if you’re suitable for the role of an MP.

Twelve requirements to become an MP-->

1. You have to be a 10th class drop out. Graduates are also selected at times, only if they prove to be exceptional.

2. You have to have some contacts with the local goons and you have to show promise in building stronger and better contacts of the same class.

3. You should not be convicted in any criminal case for a period of more than 2 years.

4. You have to be very transparent with the people of the country when speaking. Speak like yourself. Like you always lie and without remorse.

5. You should be able to make newer better promises which will never be fulfilled.

6. You have to be creative with your thoughts about new plans and projects which you think will help the betterment of the country and make sure the budget for the project is no more than half of what goes into your pocket.

7. You should be prepared to open a Swiss Bank account soon after you become an MP.

8. You have to be MENTALLY sound. (Make sure you stress on ‘Mentally’. It’s very important!)

9. You should not be Bankrupt! (Verryyy Important I say!)

10. You should be able to project a Leader in you when you interact with the common man.(Psst-- Remember promises and lies!)

11. You have to have an un-breakable determination and grit towards the betterment, charity and good. For yourselves.

12. You have to be an Indian Citizen. (This has to be the easiest one!)

Atleast 10 out of 12 requirements have to be fulfilled. You can actually ignore the last one by bribing.

Valid rules aren’t a part of the requirements.

The Process you need to follow after you’ve met the requirements-->

· Contact the Election Commission of India and fill the application form.

· If you plan on joining a political party, get ready to shell out SOME money or you can also file the application as an Independent candidates, for which your popularity and integrity are considered.

· Find 10 people as nominees and that’s it! Congratulations Mr/Ms/Mrs . MP

Oh and do I have to tell you that it’ll take a toll on your pocket initially? Soon, your pockets will have holes which end up in different bank vaults. Prosperity unlimited yo!

If you have a neighbour who’s an MPs friend or better, an MP itself, you should befriend them SOON!

My respect for them has multiplied just as much as their hike is. Long Live Indian Political System :-|

Sources-- My Opinions and views majorly, Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers.


A Promising Member of Parliament,