Monday, December 14, 2009

Heights of My Boredom

Disclaimer: This wasn't meant to be on my blog.... It was meant to be in the Share/Status window on my facebook profile. Facebook gave an error :-(.. I ain't typing it here... Look at the error below ↓↓↓

RoHiT Iyer says-

HE is SAD.... is LONELY.... is EMOTIONAL... is starting to go cranky.... is UNEASY.... is BORED... is letting his mind WANDER...
All this means, I've been bored to the extent of getting emotional with all the black and white memories flashing within myself.... Which ALSO means, its time I hit the sack.... Good night/morning folks...

P.S--> If you're thinking I-- am in Love, have gotten Sane, need medical attention o' watevaa cos I'm sleeping this early..... Hell NO!! I'm fine...
Its just this rare phenomena wherein I sleep before the Sun Rises.... Later Gator!! Love y'all....
~~♥ ♥ ♥ ♥~~

Oh nooo I ain't drunk either... Wicked minds.. Can't I love anyone?? D'oh.. Alright I'm off to sleep..
I want to write a blog....BADLY..... My fingers want rest too... I've been typing for more than 7 hours non-stop now.. I ain't human.... I'm a Humanoid. And yeah, Humanoids need rest too....
Ok. Final bye!
On second thoughts, is tomorrow a Monday?? Damn!! >:P
Uh oh... :-s.. Tomorrow has already entered and today is tomorrow. Which means today is MONDAY!! Double damn...
How the hell can you sleep so early, RoHiT??
RoHiT: Well uh.. stop talking to yourself dude.. You've already said a bye thrice.. Be true to your words..
Dreamy RoHiT: I know what I'm upto... tu kaaam karr re reyyyy...uh.. tu so jaa re reyyy... >:P
RoHiT: You're useless.... I'm off to sleep.. Lemme see how you'll blah blah here on Facebook without ma body... muhahahaha
Dream RoHiT: I control yaa ... Muhahahaha(double...erm triple the wicked laughs!!)
RoHiT: Dishum Dishum... TNT+RDX+Laxmi Bomb+Flower pot
Dreamy RoHiT: Main Kaun hoon?? :-/ :O...Main Kahaan Hoon ??? :P
RoHiT: Yooohooo I Won Folks!! Adios amigos now!! Good night/mornin..

Whisper~~~~> Dreamy RoHiT: I was acting, pals. I'm gonna torment him in his sleep.. You guys have a good one. ;-)

All this happened about 40 mins ago and I don't know why I typed all this..
Anyways.. Good night/mornin peeps.. And this time, its for REAL!! ;) :P


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My New Status line!!

I am in LOVE and I am NOT ASHAMED of it..... I am sticking to myself. In LOVE with MYSELF AGAIN!! Whoever said one can't fall in love twice... I'm such an ass.. such a sweetheart...such a traitor.. Love yaa best buddy...>:D<... I missed you all these days. Thanks for coming back to yourself and with the same determination.. Stay this way RoHiT.....

I am not sure why I typed this... But I felt very full of myself. I felt content that day. I loved myself after a very long time.... The feeling still is fresh.. Oh, please stay with me!..