Friday, February 19, 2010

Unusual Encounters

About an hour ago, me and my colleagues were in the cab, on our way back home. Ziauddin started a topic I am very interested in- "GHOSTS". He asked the cab driver Dattu about something or someone another cab driver had seen a week ago. And like most topics, this topic didn't intend on dying soon. With each ending story, started another one and this went on till we reached Panjagutta, where WE very religiously stop each day to have our early morning breakfast :D.. Oh, I realise it should be "very early morning breakfasts".
03:15 AM and we're done with our breakfast. We head to a nearby Irani cafe and order 5 cups of Irani tea, one with "extra malaai". And yeah, thats for me :P..
03:30 and we're done with our pre-bed tea also. For some reason, no one started the topic again. It was running in my mind since I've had quite some trysts with the supernatural.
Mine was the second drop and as usual, I got down on the main road and walk to my place, instead of having the cab drop me at my place. I call it a "Morning walk".
I was walking along, humming a tune. I've bad throat, so I wasn't singing. The entire lane was filled with dogs. It always is. But today, it was different. They were all awake and kinda alert. The topic was still running in my head and I wasn't scared. Not anymore!
I reached the turning towards my lane and there was this heap of sand. Someone was constructing an extra floor over there. I crossed this heap and a sudden chill surged from my toes to my ears. It was more like there was someone or something which was walking along with me. There was no sound, nor could I see anything. But, I felt a presence which intended no harm. It was more like it wanted to walk along, just like that!
I opened the apartment gate, walked along, went through the lawn and I could still feel it.
If only I could confirm its presence, I would have stopped and probably started a conversation. I reached the stairs and I then felt like someone was staring at me. It wasn't uneasy but it wasn't comfortable either. I don't know what it was or if there was anything at all. Whatever it was, it didn't want to mask its presence. It walked along at the same pace as I did and climbed the stairs just as I did.
I opened the door, untied my shoes, washed my face and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and I felt the same presence, this time in front of me. I felt very uneasy this time, because this is not where it stays or should stay.
I'm here, typing this post in my room-I feel its presence around and who knows? This thing probably is reading all that I type, over my shoulders.!!



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once 40,000. Now JUST 1,411 left!!

The very sight of this magnificent creature makes people stand awestruck and amazed at nature's wonderful creation whilst dominating us in its presence. Supposed to be our Country's National Animal- The Tiger is now facing something it didn't encounter, a century ago.. Humans. We humans are posing a great threat to the Tiger population.
Tigers are poached for their skin, teeth, claws and its genitals. It makes me hang my head in shame each time I see or read about animal poaching, not just Tigers, for I know I am a part of the more dominating and cruel species called Man.

From around 40,000 at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India. If we don’t act now, we could lose this part of our heritage forever.
What started as a Royal Sport during the olden times is now a target of Poaching and Depleting Habitat. Our National Animal is fighting for its life!
We deprived the Tigers from their natural habitats and restricted them to small patches of greenery called Tiger Reserves. They were happy and didn't intervene. Neither did they revolt. If this wasn't enough, we're going into their lands and poaching them. How much more? Religious superstitions and misconceptions about "MAGICAL" properties each part of the Tiger has, has led to its near extinction. PLEASE think more than twice before you even think of hurting this magnificent creature. Any animal for that matter. Protect the nature and take part in its well being and Nature will make sure we greedy creatures get a lot more than we deserve.

Our National Animal is Fighting for its Life. Show your SUPPORT!!

To Join the Roar, click this link->

If you want to do anything which will help this cause, click this link->

Every little contribution helps. Raise your Voice, show your support. We can NOT let our National Animal fight its battle alone. Do what is Right. The Right thing is to make sure the Tigers are given their basic rights- To live without fear.

To everyone who reads this blog: Please Join the Roar even if you don't have time to support the cause. Every Roar strengthens the chain.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Out of all the Punishments in the world, this one?? Why me?

And now, I'll have to follow a diet, avoid some fruits, vegetables and super tasty eatables to keep my hands to myself. All this for more than a couple of weeks ATLEAST!:O :O :O
Damn my FWCKED UP luck!!
Won't stop me from blogging though ;)..

Well, these are some things I should avoid...
Soybean products, eggs, nuts, wheat and maize should be avoided.
Sour foods like pickles, curds, etc.
Salt must be reduced in the diet.
Fruits and Vegetables with high acidic content in them.

If I am not supposed to eat the above products or their by-products, WHAT THE HELL am I supposed to eat?? Drink water and Live??

What's worse is, the restrictions aren't limited only to my food intake/diet. I am also not supposed to touch or get in close contact with animals. I can't imagine of a more worse torture to me. I mean, if I can't play with dogs, cats, pigeons, hatch-lings, how am I supposed to keep myself happy? Only with my Lappy?? :O...
I so so despise this life... But it has to go on and since it has to, I have to too.. >:P..
I'll see you guys later. Its time I downed a glass of tomato juice.. YUCK!