Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blue Blood

With an ocean in my eyes and a dagger in my heart,
I wake up only to see water and blood fuse into art.
If only I could shoot a beam of messages into the sky
They haven't taken me yet and I need to know why?

This is not the place to be. It's alien to me just as I am to it
Killing my thoughts every now and then, just bit by bit.
This realm, your home feels like a prison called Earth
None here to comprehend, to walk, there's a dearth.

Traversing my way through the labyrinth of emotions,
I'm the unwary adventurer, unaware of the solutions.
My losing grip only helps my agony get more poignant.
Yes, I see it all. I have endured, but now I am spent.

I wish to be a kaleidoscopic friend, always with, always there
A part of your emotions, a part of your life. Just without glare.
I know all your eyes only see the boorish me, not me from within
Amidst the hacienda of all your human treachery, all my head does is spin.

I have you in my garret, high there, full of respect and never ending gratitude
Safe and free, just like yesterday, all your liberty turns into scorning attitude.
I won’t ask you to change. I won’t ask you to adjust. It’s me who’s petrified
I might seem complex but for all you do not know, I’m just countrified.



Devilzangel said...

sumtin jus made me read dis poem over n over again :D. uv described it probably aptly :D.
don't ask 2 change, but don't change urself too :D u knoe wt i mean :D.
i jus hope u dont hv 2 endure ne more of wt uv been thru in d past w.r.t. frndz :D.
a reality well-penned :D. keep writin :D i want 2 read more posts n poems 4m u here :D

Raghu said...

good one, well penned down.. u have described urself & ur past well..

Kristen Haskell said...

Interesting and revealing writing. Great job.

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...

Seems to capture what you say under the Know me. I like the idea of a kaleidoscopic friend.


Old Raven said...

Ah ... to be known. To be known in the manner in which you speak, takes a good 20-30 years. We are each such complex creations. Very good poem.

Ann LeFlore said...

such an interesting and revealing write and you have really described yourself well

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

A masterful use of rhyme and I love the structure of the last stanza.

Here is my entry:

Anonymous said...

nice one rohit- and tq for coming by..

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Nicely said. Liked this very much.


cj Schlottman said...

"Traversing my way through the labyrinth of emotions,
I'm the unwary adventurer, unaware of the solutions.
My losing grip only helps my agony get more poignant.
Yes, I see it all. I have endured, but now I am spent."

This stanza speaks to me. I am impressed that you wrote a rhyming poem that doesn't feel strained in an effort to find the "right word." This flows smoothy without the hurky-jurky cadence of some rhyming poems.


shail said...

"This is not the place to be. It's alien to me just as I am to it"

How I empathize with that! :)

anjum artwriter said...

to be countrified is almost to be ostracised.Great write

tinkwelborn said...

there's Change in this's still going on.
there's still Hope in this poem..still going on.
there is also Miscomprehension, Miscommunication, and Misunderstanding.
Wow. what a life!
This is a person --the Speaker-- one wishes to know more of.
The speaker's a good person, Life has just gone Raw for him/her.

the poem is good, because it affects me (your reader) -- the purpose of a poem.
Good job. thank you for sharing.


RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Devilzangel-- > I'm glad you liked the post. Yeah I know what you mean :D

@ Raghu--> Thanks pal! :D

@ Kristen--> Thank you :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@Larry--> Me too! Not many people let me be one :(

@ Old Raven--> I'm glad you could relate to the actual intent :)

@Ann-->Thank you :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@Jack--> Thanks so much :)

@Fiveloaf--> Thanks and for dropping by on my blog too :)

@Melanie--> Thank you. Your blog's really nice too :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@CJ--> Thanks for your generous compliment :)
Namaste :D

@Shail--> Thank you :)... though empathy wasn't the reason.. thanks for the comment :)

@ Anjum--> Thank you! :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Tinkwel--> I see a flawless flow of words in your comment :)
Thank you for your generous comment :)

JANU said...

Interesting with lot of depth.Nice.

Victoria said...

I like the image of a kaleidoscopic friendship...full of color, entertaining, changing enough to keep things interesting. Nice writing.

Morning said...



LBTL said...

The whole piece shot daggers to my mind and heart, cool!!

ZQ said...

I'm countrified myself :-)

Old Raven said...

You just lead an interesting journey.

Miriam Sagan said...

Intense--thank you.

The Cello Strings said...


Kay said...

Very well written, Rohit. We are all immersed in a solution of what we believe to be our truth. However, what we and others perceive is not always correct. Blessings.

DeLi said...

love your last line, very clever

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Janu-- Thank you :)
@ Victoria-- I love being a Kaleidoscopic friend. Ever alive, colourful and exciting. Thanks!
@ Morning-- yo \m/
@ LBTL-- I hope those daggers weren't the painful ones :D
@ ZQ-- It's all about acceptance! Everyone is, in the true sense.
@ Old Raven-- No bragging, but I sure do! :D
@ Miriam-- Glad you liked it :)
@ Cello Strings--> Thanks much! :)
@ Kay-- I totally agree. The truth's each to his own. Thank you :)
@ DeLi--> Was it? Thanks!! :D

kez said...

cool poem quite a journey of self exploration ....thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thoughts of someone who wants to fit in, want others to understand him.

I enjoyed the flow of inner thoughts. I have a question though, why the title: Blue Blood?

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Kez-- Thank you for dropping by :)

@ Clariice-- Finally!! I was waiting for someone to ask me this :D.. The word 'Blue' is referred to unusual, rare and royal most times. I consider myself to be someone who's all the three and more.. That's how 'Blue Blood' came to become the title :).
Thanks for your comment!! :D

Classic NYer said...

"I wake up only to see water and blood fuse into art"... great line!

Melissa said...

"I wish to be a kaleidoscopic friend" - this is a wonderful phrase! Thank you for sharing.