Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Departure

Unmasked myself on that cloudy day.

Amidst the masses, my cerulean self feels rejected
May be I knew of the convulsions which followed
Or maybe I did not, but I have to be reticent nevertheless.

Standing still at the carfax amongst the buzzing crowd
I feel a cataclysm within me, only that it is not loud
I’m not dumb and I see all of it, but I have to be reticent nevertheless.

To lead an august life was never my intent
Neither was an abased one marked with a dent
May be it's meant to be that way, but I have to be reticent nevertheless.

A daedal voice from within tells me all is not over
I wait for my spaceship for I can depart and hover
I realize now, home or not, I have to be reticent nevertheless.

The air, the dead and the living seem hoary
Not bewildering at all, for this is my story
Here or there it’s all the same ‘cos I have to be reticent nevertheless.

For the revebrating voice tells me, ‘You're alone, the only one
You're not meant for any of these, you're meant for none'.
The only recluse is me and the shoulder’s my own.

There’s no nevertheless here for I now know I have to be reticent for times to come.



Monday, September 12, 2011

A Galaxy S2-ian wants to Tab!

I'm not going to start off with awesome titles and a great sentence to start with, cos there's not much time left for me to blog. I was late in noticing the "It's time to Tab" contest. But I have to share this nonetheless.

It's a month since I bought my Samsung Galaxy S2 and that was after great research, comparisons with other similar models. But the Galaxy S2 stood apart and I had to buy it. When I held the device, I wasn't sure if I had made the right choice. It felt very light and flimsy. I was in split-minds! I just spent a huge amount of money and I was holding a device which's about 4.5 inches long diagonally, yet weighs just about a 100 grams. It is packed with a 1GB RAM, a 1.2Ghz Dual core Processor, has a Gorilla glass display, has the best battery life compared to other phones in its class and it is this light?? I wasn't too sure.

My Galaxy S2's Home screen

I went back home, played around with the phone. Tried everything. And when I say 'everything', I mean it. 
The Camera(I had to try it first cos I'm a photo-freak. I can spend eons just clicking a wall with nothing on it!), configured my emails, downloaded apps from the Android Market, games from the Game Hub, transferred movies onto my phone and played it(it was awesome, by the way!), configured and started chatting on gtalk(I'm a Google guy. I love gtalk, Picasa, GMail, Maps and everything Google),  used latitude, tried the GPS, played around with the video maker and the photo editor, ran multiple apps at once and not once did the phone slow down or show signs of glitches. It was pure awesomeness.

I totally exploited the voice command feature and I loved it everytime it misspelled a friend's name or made blunders. It worked well most times, though. I play a LOT of games and I tried NOVA 2 and GT Racing. It felt like I was running these games off a dedicated video card. It was that smooth and awesome.  When I'd switch to another app, the switching would be so seamless and within a fraction of a second. 

It was right then that my faith in my decision in purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S2 got reinforced and I had no qualms whatsoever about it. You know what? My phone accidentally slipped off my lap when I got up and fell 3 feet down on solid floor. I picked it up and surprisingly, it still was awesome. Just a rough abrasion on the top right, I cleaned it a few times and it's as good as new. So much for all the flimsiness. It is tough, it is fast and it is Awesome!!

I've been itching to buy a tablet for a long time! I've waited to see the specifications of the Galaxy Tab. It's a dual core processor, a mammoth 25.65 cms screen, a 3MP rear and a 2MP front camera and runs on Honeycomb! Seriously? Though people might want to argue and tell me - "Dude, you already have a super-computer in your pocket, why do you want a tab now?", I still want it. It's because it's not a phone. It's a tablet. It is what the future is. In a world where Augmented Reality is everything, the tablets do justice best!
The very fact that all the apps on my phone, and more will be available on a10.1 inch screen lets every Crimson Rose butterfly on Earth run wild inside my stomach! :D

To know more about this wonderful device, click on the video below to watch the recorded webcast of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750's Launch. Don't blame me if you're hit with the Tablet-fever! The solution's the same like any other fever- Buy a Tablet! The Galaxy Tab 750 :D


Hola! Memoirs is back :)

Ermm...  Well, at least for now. May be it's not that good an idea to shut my thoughts down. There has to be something which defines me. And to think of me not existing in one way or the other is a little horrifying. So here it is!! :D