Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Karmic Agony!

Everytime I close my eyes
there's a picture in there.
It lightens up me for a bit
and makes me feel capitulated.
Who else could that be, but for..

My taciturn moments which are forever
break their silence when a memory revives.
My horrid, ashen face suddenly turns amenable
and listens to the heart's renditions of the past.
Who else could do that to me, but for...

At Hemis Monastery, Ladakh. May '15

Cloistered by the shut doors and heart
I writhe within, with those blistering fragments.
Forever in a snit, a name brings me to life
and glues the million fragments together for a bit.
Sifting through just one name, it could only be..

My ruptured soul with punctured emotions
stays alive for a minute's interaction..
I look at my debased image with a flushed face
and remain nonplussed, for this was the inevitable.

None can have such control over me, but for YOU!

RoHiT.... :-)