Sunday, November 22, 2009

KurBanned 2012

Friday, 20th Nov; 7PM--> My brother calls me up and asks if tickets for Kurbaan or 2012 are available. I check Bookmyshow and find tickets for almost every show available for Kurbaan. I book tickets for the 22:00 show at I-Max. I smell puri being made at home. I tell dad that I'm going to bring some Paneer Butter Masala. I rush out and I come home with a parcel of Paneer Butter Masala-->Time 21:00 hrs.
Getting late for the show, considering my brother also has to get ready- He just reached his place after a typically tired day at work.
I gobble Puri-Paneer and shucks! I don't even remember how that supa tasty looking curry tasted like. Watta waste! :-s..
Done with dinner, dressing up and wasting quite some deo on maself. I thought this ain't tat big a Kurbaani for Kurbaan :D..
I go to my brother's place and he's having his dinner!! Woaah amazing timing :|.. I ain't shocked cos we're both late lathifs :P..hehe.. Time : 21:45 hrs !! :-s :-s
He gets ready in a jiffy, wastes some deo too :P.
Hope on ma bike and we dhoom all the way via Paradise-->Anand theatre-->KIMS-->Necklace Road-->Khairatabad Flyover-->Prasads I-Max FINALLY!! :P... We go to the parking lot and the parking charges-->10 Rupees!! ?? Wat the hell, it was 5 Rupees last month... Bloody **#$*#$** ... :-(. Once done, we don't care to take the stairs, we lept our way to the ticket counter ... We saved climbing 3 stairs that way :P.. lol.. I give my phone to ma brother and he gets the tickets after showing the Message. Time: 22:12 hrs... We're 12 mins late..
Security guards doing their job by checking us rather uncomfortably with their hands in all the wrong places.. You know what I mean don't you?? The escalators are lined up with first timers, obvious because their reluctance shows! Me and my brother race up the stairs with people wondering if one of them is a thief and the other one is chasing him to get this belongings back!! :P.. Quite a sight :D..
Finally Screen 4 F-18 and 19. We get to our seats and the song "Shukran Allah" nearly done.
Damn! We missed it...aaarghhhh... The movie started of well. The theatre was filled with couples and people in their 20s, all of them eager to watch the "SAIFEENA CHEMISTRY!!"
Movie starts with Saif and his so called sacrifice for Kareena and blah blah blah!
Only God knows what made the director and the producer accept the storyline thereafter.
The Direction I thought was fine, music was fine too. Nothing else was.
The story takes a sharp turn. Dia Mirza dies, Vivek Oberoi decides to take personal revenge without informing the cops, though he knows who the terrorists are. SAIFEENA suddenly becomes SAIF and KAREENA!
Kareena gets pregnant by then, she goes to the clinic with Saif for a checkup blah blah blah.. They have a look at the baby using ultrasound. The baby looks grown up, considering her tummy which still is zero size!! Kareena is so so Kareenated. Anything can happen when the subject is Kareena; said some great scholar! lol....
Folks at the movie hall barely could digest this and Kareena starts seducing Saif. Saif and Kareena become SAIFEENA again.
This irked people and the air was filled with giggles and some concerned folks saying "How can he/she?" lmao....
The title Kurbaan is what helps people digest this :P...
With few more twists, turns and accelerated scenes the movie comes to an end with Saif shooting himself and Kareena on her knees, Vivek with a broken hand. AMAZING!!!
200 bucks for Kurbaan = Such a waste :|
Me and ma brother decided to have some hot tea to get the Kurbrain out.. erm.. Kurbaan out of our brains :P...
Vroooommm Vrooom.. Damn! No tea stalls.. We decide to go home and I dropped him at his place, had some Alphonso ice-cream whilst watching "Double Team" starring "Jean Claude Van Damme" for the umpteenth time. I look at the watch and the Time-- 02:00 am...
I leave to ma place bidding "Garnier" to bro.
Bored, I watch "Gamer" and hit the sack at 3:30 am. I set the Alarm for 9:30 am--Need to get my Bike Serviced!!!. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz..
9:30 am and my parents are surprised I'm walking out of my room. I am sure they must've thought I was sleep walking. I smile at them and they're awe-struck.. D'oh..
10:00 am and I reach the Honda Service Centre, only find out they're not open that day.... What Luck!! :-(
Mega Disaster...Morning 9:30 after 6 hrs sleep....
Bike servicing-->A complete flop ==>disaster
Dad lost his phone.
Blocked his SIM and called Nokia to get the handset blocked, like Sony Ericsson does and helpdesk says Nokia doesn't block phones.---->GREAT!!
Went to BIG cinemas and watched 2012 with team-mates...... I had high expectations especially for 2012.. ALAS!
2012-->disaster...pakka bolly ishtyle.... damn!
Dialed my own denial into them.:D


Anonymous said...

kurban i watchs 1st day 3rd show in inox..waste movie really..thoughi loved 2012 atleast fr d effcts..nyhow kurbaqaned really after watchin dat hunkajunk..thnks fr writin ma feeligs over here,,nice

anurag said...

haha...good u wrote this review...i was planning to catch the movie in coming days...u saved me from being kurbaaned :)

RoHiT said...

@ Vineet-->haha..thanks dude.. it really was a waste of money, time and emotions on this movie...

@ Anurag--> Woaah.. I'm glad you're not going to watch the movie and stop yaaslef from geeting Kurbanned! ;-)


kLouD said...

Was free after a long time thought of watching some movie... Ur review was of great help... Thanx ;)

Though I liked the special effects of 2012 even as the story was a lot bollywood ishtyle thing... But effects were totally awesome...!! :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Kano--> Hehee.. glad it helped :P.. yeah 2012 was oki doki.. the effects awesome indeed :D