Thursday, November 1, 2012

Déjà Vu, Déjà Vued!

Seems like yesterday that I saw a similar day under similar circumstances last calendar year. I could communicate then in bits.

So can I now.
Just differently. Just with myself.

Any which ways, just like I wished then and I will wish later, I wish now that all of the world's luck and success is bestowed upon thee.

Thou shalt not halt. Thou shalt not weep. Thou shalt not look back. Thou shalt take this as a small step in the present, yet a gigantic leap for the future.

WYTB IOHE SUES H###T I#### N#### G####



Anonymous said...

Come lets f5 your life.. mine too.
Ride this sunday?

Mallela Thirtam or till srisailam.

rohit Iyer said...

Dasi-- Naah can't ride the bike abhi yaar... May be early next month. This month is just not possible..dude it's been forever since we've met or spoken.

Thanks for asking though macha :)

Anonymous said...

Well this month is almost over... hope next month then.

> dude it's been forever since we've met or spoken.

Well you keep going underground so many times :)

Btw, Clark passed away too.

Made a vlog dedicating to them.. did you see?