Monday, May 5, 2014


Searching through the million galaxies he spent his time then.
Evading his every move, successful she was ten out of ten.

He tried the worm holes and he tried the time warp.
Greater was her will to ignore and resolve was sharp.

Spending every bit of his open eyed life in pursuit of his slipping life,
He kept chasing not knowing that towards him was coming a knife.

A strong adherent of his suicidal decisions that he was,
He gnawed at his helplessness but challenged the celestials.

The world silently wished that he'd just give up that instant,
Instead of disposing him into the trash with an adjuvant.

Even in limbo he tried to escape and get back in pursuit,
But the limbo gets better with time, it made him forever sit.

His identity and memories wiped out; his emotions wiped clean.
Now a wraith, he's got nothing familiar, except for the gene.

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