Wednesday, August 27, 2014


If one's lucky... may be.. Just may be once in a few lifetimes, they'll hit the right chords... Strike that instant connection with someone... Those are all instant signs that these two pieces fit perfectly. One for the other.
Yet, by some so-called actions of fate and faith, these pieces just don't get to celebrate... One moves away, to snuggle with another piece.. That hug will just not be the same.. it will not fit perfectly. But, perfection is perceived differently. Some pieces perceive perfection in other pieces' colours, dimensions, the hands they were passed on from, the gloss, the bling, the friction they do not experience because they're not a snug fit.

Either which ways, this apparent luck is broken in an instant. Who cares, right!!?

Well, at least one piece definitely does care. This time... This now... This luck and destiny(for those who believe in it) has been let gone of..


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