Sunday, September 27, 2009

SHADOW: Does it Haunt or does it Follow?

Often I've had varied thoughts about this creepy, familiar figure which extends to a few feet in length from my toes on the ground. I've wondered if this entity called a "Shadow" is of any use and is of any burden to Earth. The answer has never come my way and I doubt if it ever will.
Lately, I've begun wondering if this silhouette of mine haunts me or it just follows me, as the most loyal entity ever.

I hate it when it imitates me. I hate it when it is a few extra feet longer or shorter and I also hate it when it overlaps with another one of its own kind.
The picture above was one I took when me and my Bikers Group went on a trip to Vikarabad forest. I took this picture with an intent to hurt it. Though it understands no words and no language, except to imitate my own actions., it succeeded in hurting me back by becoming one of the best pictures in my album.

It boasts of a water-fire-tamper proof suit and walks with might and pride alongside me. People call it a "SHADOW". I call it my Best Friend. Someone who would never leave me in the thick and thin of LIGHT. Helpless however it is when it is dark. Not many people have succeeded being a part of me and my life for long, even when there was light all around. I feel proud to have a very light, non-complaining, immortal entity as my best pal. I am not sure if you're haunting me or you're just following me, but I Love You. You succeeded where everyone failed. I remember you growing alongside me as far as my conscious mind goes. I feel brave when you're around.
We make a great team. Thanks for being around. :-)

--R.o.H.i.T....(Your Shadow which breathes)


Sidrah said...

wow, I have never ever taken any notice of my shadow except when make shapes in candle light.. Shadow is a part of you, but a bit creepy :s

Happy blogging! ^^

Gopsay said...

Really nice post! I've wondered as well, about this grey object that finds its place wherever I go, whatever I do. It always comes with me and stalks me at times. Very good description of this soulless creature! Yet another reason for to keep looking at my shadow which keeps lurking somewhere around me!
Good description..
Keep blogging mate!

RoHiT said...

@ Sidrah-->Thank yaa... and happy shadow making in Candle light ;-)

@Gopsay-->Thanks to yaa too mate. :)....

I said...

So tru.nice post.i lyk my shadow 2 :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ I--> Thank you..