Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Out of all the Punishments in the world, this one?? Why me?

And now, I'll have to follow a diet, avoid some fruits, vegetables and super tasty eatables to keep my hands to myself. All this for more than a couple of weeks ATLEAST!:O :O :O
Damn my FWCKED UP luck!!
Won't stop me from blogging though ;)..

Well, these are some things I should avoid...
Soybean products, eggs, nuts, wheat and maize should be avoided.
Sour foods like pickles, curds, etc.
Salt must be reduced in the diet.
Fruits and Vegetables with high acidic content in them.

If I am not supposed to eat the above products or their by-products, WHAT THE HELL am I supposed to eat?? Drink water and Live??

What's worse is, the restrictions aren't limited only to my food intake/diet. I am also not supposed to touch or get in close contact with animals. I can't imagine of a more worse torture to me. I mean, if I can't play with dogs, cats, pigeons, hatch-lings, how am I supposed to keep myself happy? Only with my Lappy?? :O...
I so so despise this life... But it has to go on and since it has to, I have to too.. >:P..
I'll see you guys later. Its time I downed a glass of tomato juice.. YUCK!




CRD said...

why the restrictions? trying to lose weight? or is it something else?

Raghu said...

wtf.. y this change suddenly man...?

RoHiT said...

@ CRD and Raghu-->Health ain't keeping all that well!! ;-)

devilzangel said...

hahahaha tu toh bhukha marne wala hain lolll :p u knoe dis is d best time 2 utilise it if u wanna go on hunger strikes lolll :p...but honestly wt r ya gonna eat eh b-)
aree animals toh theek hain :O d doc shud'v told ya 2 stay away 4m insects :| n photographin insects :| only i knoe how i c dos pics wid dos awful insects :| *pukes @ him again* hahaa if it makes u feel ne better lollll--->try puttin ur hand on ya heart n yell out, " aalllll ijjjjhhh welllll " hahaha mayb u mite wanan throw sumthin in d "wellll" lolll :p

Raghu said...

I knw.. Thts y stp drinkin red bull..:P

Me said...

Get well soon :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Take care Buddy

Anonymous said...


RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Khushboo--> Passe'.. I'm eating everything now :)

@ Raghu--> The last one I had was a couple of months ago :P

@ JBL--> Thanks.. :D

@ Anonymous 1 and 2--> Thank you :)