Monday, March 1, 2010

Aaall Izz Well :)

Yeah Yeah! I know I haven’t written anything in a long time. I’d often get this instinctive impulse to write something, and I would then sit down and conjure up some pseudo intriguing opening line and then... Doughnuts!! Nothing but an empty space. I have been pondering about things to write about but I really wasn't in a comfortable situation-physically as well as psychologically(I haven't gone SANE yet:P).

Well, anyways, here's the update the time being ;)--->

I now am able to move my arm without much discomfort and typing is not a problem now.. I have been typing for the last couple of days. One week bed rest at home was amazing. Though I still have to do my clothes. I think I'll do it later.
I'd get busy with work starting tomorrow. Work Again!
And I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work. Though the cab travel for 1 and half hours will prove uneasy for my knee. That's ok :)..
Aal Izz Well !

Since I really can't to much activity, most of my time this week has been spent/wasted browsing sites, reading blogs, playing Mafia wars and a little bit of chatting.
But, this state of mine also welcomes a lot of uneasy thoughts which flash clips of the past in my mind. Parts I'd love to relive and also avoid..
My friend lost his mother yesterday and I went to his place.
I had no words but the first thing he asked me was "What happened to you and why is your hand bandaged and you're limping. Why?".

This moved me a lot. He just lost his mother and he still has room for other thoughts. The human mind is something I really love. He was surely in a state of great grief and shock. Yet, he could actually show concern and sympathy. I couldn't answer him for a moment. I didn't know what to tell him. I then told him what happened, in short. And then came another question from him and then another one. I really couldn't ask him anything nor speak to him about anything.
I came back home and my mood was a little off- I guess I was still trying to come out of the sympathy he showed me. I don't know! I doubt I ever will.

Today: I guess I was in the best of my moods. Rearing to go to work from tomorrow. Hand responding well and the knee showing signs of recovery. It was all fine till late evening. Dinner done. I was watching the Hockey World Cup- India vs Pakistan!
The game was full of adrenaline rushes. Indians displayed some wonderful energy levels and proved who the dominating side was.
It was then that I laid my eyes on a gift cover. Something I haven't opened for a long time. It was something I didn't accept. It was something which couldn't be discarded either, just cos of the respect I have for the person who gifted it to me.
Anyways... I walked to my cupboard and took the cover. Opened it, just to find a greeting card and a coffee mug. I wasn't sorry for anything but it just sparked that moody ass in me switched me OFF!
And there I go, till now, pondering about all that happened. Darn this brain- I have this gift of forgetting things and people. Why can't I forget this?
Looks like I still have my share of misery left :D..
Alright, high time! I have to play Spiderman3 now. The freakin' Lizard is one tough dude to beat. I'm gonna beat him for good today.
If you're wondering why I'm bandaged and limping... Its a loooong story :D.. COMING SOON is a blog on that :P.....
Good night folks!

Aaall Izz Well ;-)




Asha Tampa said...

Certainly intriguing! Should say I'm gonna look forward to the part 2 of your post, and my sympathies for your friend. For you, I hope your hand and knee get back to normal. Keep smiling! Cheers,

Raghu said...

Its sad to hear that ur frnd's mom passed away.. Sad, but I got movde when he asked u wht happ.. really man, that shows wht frnd's are.. thy always care about each other.. & welcome back to work..!!!! Njoy..

devilzangel said...

a lil chattin durin d bed rest :O haha sucha liar :p...okie i aint gettin ne oder serious comment :-s n i dont wanna make fun of sumthin so serious :D so il pass dis time :D

I said...

Very nice. I love your blog and your words seem like straight out of your heart

Anonymous said...

Cannot be

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Asha-->Thank you.. The second part's out :)

@ Raghu--> True.. thanks :D

@ Khushboo--> Yeah I think I did chat quite a lot... thanks for passing it this time :)

@ I--> Thank you :)

@ Anonymous--> ??? :|