Friday, March 12, 2010

Enough to Satisfy our NEEDS..NEVER enough to Satisfy our GREED..

We have Enough to Satisfy our NEEDS. But it NEVER is enough to Satisfy our GREED..

Mr.X bags a job with plump salary and he has more than enough to satisfy all his luxuries. He comes across a friend with a plumper salary and he sees what can be done with a little more money. The craving starts there and it evolves into greed. By hook or by crook Mr.X climbs up the ladder and he earns more. He still has more and enough of the dominating Green Paper in his wallet and guess what?? He can't afford the new car in town which supposedly winks and acts cupid. And there goes Mr.X in his Pursuit of Happiness!! It goes on and on aaaaand its endless.
Surprisingly, it is here that Mr.X loses all interest on Charity and good deeds and chases all his goals which are set by his Greedy Eyes.

Ms.Y goes to a function and her eyes pop out at the sight of the well spread buffet dinner. Yummy!! I love Gulab Jamun!! WoW! There also is chocolate pudding. I'm feeling lucky- they also have Palak Paneer. My God! Its my Favourite... Ooooh the Biryani looks damn tasty.. Whaaat!! Jalebis?? I'm in for a Royal Treat today.. Oh God Please let me eat all this for today and without gaining weight. All Done, tummy full, three burps done and then the host says "Did you try the Fruit Salad and the Pastries on the other side?".. Ms.Y knows she can't hog anymore and she gives that extra mile effort and successfully hogs on the Fruit Salad and the Pastries.
Triumphant, she walks with great discomfort and wonders why she couldn't resist all of it. This feeling soon disappears and normalcy takes over.
Greed plays its own role here. Fatso Ms.Y knew there was more than enough on the menu and she still wanted to taste all of it. Wonderful! Khaate Raho... Jeete Raho.. You're the Wonderwoman Marvel comics speaks about. But you do better wonders. Bravo!!!

Mr.Z is a very happy man with a Happy family of 3. He's celebrating his 3rd Anniversary next month. With one of the best jobs in town, a loyal wife and a playful kid, Mr.Z brings envy to every married eye. He has everything that he should have in life. But Mr. Z thinks otherwise. Everything in life? Just one Wife? Life is so monotonous. The same job, the same lady at home and on bed. I need a change. A good one.
And here he goes, on his epic quest for a person with whom he can have his so called "Need a change" physical intimacy. Greed for better sex, better looks, a younger partner. And so he succeeds. Quite an accomplishment. Mr. Z is known for his amazing managerial skills and so he manages his family with his extra-marital relationship. He hosts his 3rd Wedding Anniversary in style. Its one of the best. He's in the best of his moods and his Wife can't expect anything better. Drinks time. One, Two and Three. Rounds after rounds and then truth starts to flow. He speaks about his fiery relationship with the new hot chick with his friends and they are amazed. They are jealous and they wished they were Mr.Z too.
Mr.Z just passed on his deadly virus to his friends. Now, they want to get Greedy too. Pursuit of Happiness!! This what life is all about?

A Country shares borders with a weaker nation and it knows it can overpower the weakling without breaking sweat. Why would they want to show their skills on the weaker nation??
I was the 3rd biggest country in the world. A few thousand miles added to my existing borderline will make my country the 2nd Biggest. And, I don't have to do anything. My Countrymen will wage war on the other country and will capture its land. Hahaha! I'm growing bigger. And so it happens. Greed for land ultimately takes lives, Leaves people blank with memories of the once happy land which is now their neighbour's.

And then there are folks who want to take relations to another level without even spending a minute to think if the other person would approve the so called "Next Level" relationship.
X and Y are 2 people who can't keep off each other. They are the Best of Friends. Everything is going great. And then starts Quake time!! Y is greedy and wants X forever. Here starts the rift between a lovely relationship called Friends and it finally ends in a place called Splitsvilla! These once upon a time BEST FRIENDS are no longer friends. All this because of a small imbalance in thoughts which changes whatever happens next in a very bad way for X and Y.

It is one of the biggest diseases mankind has. It is what shows dreams of a good future whilst destroying you and people you involve in your quest to satisfy your hunger. I don't have a solution to it, for I am sick. So are you. There's no medicine for it. Nor does a prayer heal it. All you need to have is a sense of Contentment and that will make sure you're on the right track in your journey called Life.
Get Well Soon!!




Raghu said...

awesome man...

devilzangel said...

lolll where is all dis cumin 4m lolll :p lol nice egs =))...!!!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

I found this post very interesting...

You've touched the topic right on the spot.

Its time we started enjoying the smaller things in life...

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> Thanks :D

@ Khushboo--> From all the encounters and some, just a figment of my imagination

@ Saurabh--> Thank you.. True-- we have to cherish everything..