Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carpe Diem


If you’re thinking this is just another poem,

Do you know the writer? Do you know him?

If you’re sitting there wondering if this just another couplet. I’d

argue cos it’s mine.

Think again. Its different, just like you and me or seven, eight and Nine..

If you’re confused if this is just another collection of thoughts in rhyming words,

You should know thoughts churned into sentences and words are works of Nerds...

Well, I should come back to the topic for this isn’t what I am going to talk about.

It’s always the past and again, I’m going to write about friends. You’ve a doubt?

It’s not about singing – You spin my head right round, right round.

It’s more of head banging, spinning and going down! It’s just sound....

A friend in need is a friend indeed is passé. This equation is no more true.

What use is a friend who walks out when the rest of the world walks out too?

It almost looks like friends are just for play, lunch and a few jokes.

Wake up! For you know your friends now. Reality pokes... :D

And now you are sure you were right.

You’re as good as a shooter without sight....

If you’re thinking this is just another poem,

Do you know the writer? Do you know him?

And now you are sure this is a rhyme. It is a poem.

You are right! Now don’t create mayhem.... :P




chandra said...

RoHit and his blogs are amazng

devilzangel said...

hahahaa it sounded more like sum rap loll :p d only thing missin ws YO :)) n i actually even read it in a rap form :-s ermm :p btw do u knoe who d writer is :S?

Indian Home Maker said...

Friends who are friends only when everything is convenient are not friends, they are acquaintances :) And it does sound like a rap.

I almost missed submitting this comment - because I clicked submit and walked away and then saw the word verification :(

Word verification is very inconvenient for commenters!!

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Indian Home Maker--> haha yeah they are acquaintances indeed.. But they come into our lives as promising friends.. we realise they're acquaintances only when such acts are performed :P..
Haha yeah the word verification is a pain in the wrong place :D

Mitu said...

You are an amazing Blogger whom I know personally. Glad to have a friend/acquaintance dunno what to say :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Mitu--> Thanks a lot... You know me personally? I am confused. I seriously don't remember a mitu in my circle of friends and relatives.. :-s.. Thanks, though :)

@ Chandra--> Thanks anna :D

@ Booha-->Yo.. tu aaj kal rapper hi ban gayi hain.. so everything looks like a rap to you :P.. No I don't know who the writer is.. Whoever he is sure does write great :D *Blushes*

Nalini Hebbar said...

enjoyed reading this one out loud and many of your other posts...and rap it sure is!

Kiran said...

The way you present/describe even a simple thing is just so creative. I hope i'd write something as such too...its awesome to read your blog - its become a habit for me now! :)

We surely miss you a lott at work Rohit!

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Nalini--> thank you so much :)

@ Kiran--> Woaah you commented!! Thank you :).. Yeah I miss all you folks too .. and I'm sure you'll write well... Just try :) :D