Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Up in Smoke! -- Emotional Atyachaar

“Jaldi chalaa. Usko pakadnaa hain. Aaj toh maraa saala.”—says Ajay, to me and we cycled all the way till Dayanandnagar Railway station. We had to crack the mystery. Rakesh would slither away after the after class, instead of joining the regular discussions we had.

Something wasn’t right. Something told us he wasn’t doing the right thing. Ajay was a good friend of his and he told us he “thinks” Rakesh* has started smoking cigarettes. We were in our 9th standard and it surely wasn’t an age to start smoking(Atleast then!).

We cycled hard to reach the station in time. We couldn’t find Rakesh*. Ajay, for some reason was hell bent on catching Rakesh* red-handed. We cycled our way back to school and we saw Rakesh*. From his looks, I understood that our presence wasn’t welcomed. He was a good distance from us and he started cycling away from us. We caught up on him and Ajay checked his pockets. He couldn’t find anything that could prove that Rakesh* had just smoked or was about to.

Ajay questioned Rakesh* for a long time and Rakesh* was very clearly getting irritated. He kept saying –“Tu dum mat kar abhi. Chhod mujhe. Jaane de.” Ajay wasn’t someone who’d give up. He then caught Rakesh’s* hand and checked his fingers. He sniffed and asked me to check if his right index finger smells of cigarette. I did so and his finger smelled of tobacco.

Ajay whacked Rakesh* on his head a couple of times and he dragged him to a nearby phone booth. He called Rakesh’s* house and told his mother about what had happened. Aur is tarah Rakesh* ka poll khul gaya :D.. He had a rough time with Ajay after that incident and they were not the best of friends they were, earlier.

Ajay did some great Emotional Atyachaar on Rakesh* that day! That didn’t stop Rakesh* from smoking though :-|

FYI: Rakesh*-(Real name withheld.)