Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Alien when awake. An Alien even when asleep! :)

“Great shot! Keep playing this way and we’ll win.”—that’s what we kept shouting when he played his best cricket. Our team was about to win when it started raining heavily. Everyone started running to their houses and so did I.
I looked up at the sky and saw something weird. I saw Earth’s reflection in the sky as if the sky was all water. This mirror in the sky was surrounded by dense, dark clouds. I could see trees, buildings, roads and vehicles. The scene was familiar. It was the neighbourhood. I rushed to my place and it stopped raining all of a sudden. I stood next to the door and asked my parents and my brother to come and see it. But something wasn’t right. The reflection was disappearing slowly. It was as if the mirror was disappearing and it left behind a nice blue sky. There still was some reflection visible and I called out to my family and by the time they came, all they could see was bright blue sky surrounded by dense, dark clouds.

I had an eerie feeling about this and I was explaining what I saw to them when we heard explosions as if there were a chain of explosions a few miles away from us. We rushed to the top floor and saw a whole patch of the neighbourhood in flames cause by balls of fire. Sriram(my brother) who is a budding  Astrophysicist told us that these probably are high intensity solar flares. In a few seconds, the glare went dim and there was a Giant Beetle spitting flames. It was pure evil. The ground shook with every step the beetle took.. The sky was filled with smoke and the clouds clashed into each other resulting in a large thunderous sound. It started raining very heavily with the wind reaching wild speeds. The beetle disappeared and we didn’t even notice it. Raindrops hit us with blatant force and we almost felt they were digging into our skins.

We didn’t waste time and we rushed downstairs to our house. A very unprecedented happening had occurred minutes ago and that forced all of us into my room. A sense of fear crept into us and we told each other how much we love each other, just in case we don’t get to see each other.

Just then, my brother noticed that the balcony door was open. I rushed towards the door and I faced high resistance from the winds.  The rain drops showed no mercy and hit against my face with brute force. I managed to close the door and ran back to my room. I played some music only to be interrupted by the sound of the eerie feeling of heavy footsteps. We feared the worst. I am an atheist but I swear I prayed to whatever is up there—an Alien or GOD--Whatever!!
We prepared ourselves for the worst.

Something even worse happened. I heard those heavy footsteps again... :-s..


My heart was beating at lightning pace. I could almost hear my heart-beat. It was horrible.

I woke up..

Mahn it was rough. It was exciting. It was filled with adrenaline and it was one of the kinds.

Omg! It was only a Dream.. Phew!

I woke up and still heard heavy footsteps followed by not so heavy footsteps. It was Muskaan(The little girl who stays upstairs), running around in her merry self and Shourya, her younger brother. 

For once, I smiled at their torture!!


edit: I wrote this in a hurry cos dreams are difficult to remember!! :P


Raghu said...

Awesome write up dude.. keep posting..:D

Raghu said...
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devilzangel said...

ahahahahaaa lol wta dream lol :)) d reflection bit ws awsum :))

Nandhini said...

Hahahh....seeing earth in the sky was great. Wish it could come to a reality :)

umapoems said...

when I was heart skipped a beat till the last it was a dream..

well written

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RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> Thanks :D

@ Khushboo--> It was super awesome :)..

@ Nandhini--> I wish so too!! :)

@ Uma-->Thank you.. :)

HERVE NAUDET Dit Margot. said...

a dream! never mind i hope to see the reverse of the mirror and the blaqck words call nightmares, far more amusing on the page, nice mask.
H Serial killer sometimes poet