Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Boiling Frog!

For long, I've been intrigued by the 'Boiling Frog' theory which states that a frog dies a slow and stupid death when placed in a pot of cold water and then heated till boiling point.

There's been much debate about it and I don't know if it's true, nor do I want to find out the credibility of the theory myself. I'd be causing way too much trauma to that poor thing if I'd put it on my to-do list. Or may be not!?

Any which ways, I love the theory because the creature truly is nature's wonder. They sleep through the winter and their metabolism can slow down to extents that their lungs and hearts stop functioning, but will kick start as soon as winter's off.
Some also estivate through summer and start croaking during the rains. I should have become a herpetologist!
They've learnt to acclimatise. Their physiological adaptation is so fucking good that they can survive the apocalypse! Well, almost!

The title of this post's a metaphor I wish I could relate when talking about myself. This world unnerves me. I unnerve myself. I wish I could croak and sleep through these times. To let my heart stop functioning.. Stop breathing completely. Whether I snap out of the hibernation is immaterial to me.

I wish... Or should I delve into Organic Cryogenics to succeed in my pursuit of a sly escape route?
This will need some dedicated Thinking man time!
He probably was me, then!



Anonymous said...

I came to this post expecting some tasty looking frog dish you'd have come up with.

Disappointed me.. you suck :)

rohit Iyer said...

Needs two eat-everything-ers to come up with something like that. I've only myself.. Lets catch a bull frog!

Anonymous said...

> I've only myself.. Lets catch a bull frog!

I'm up for it.
Let's do it next time on some touring ride.

Not sure when I'll see ya come for one.

Make sure you know to identify a poisonous frog and Jiraya's frogs... neither do we wanna get pwned by a frog nor a ninja ;)

P.S: I might actually try one next time I'm driving up-north/north-east.... supposedly the frogs are huge and meat is pretty tender and awesome.