Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Perfect camouflage

Sitting in the depths of my thoughts, was myself staring into my own eyes in the mirror.
Those cold grizzly eyes played zombie versus vampire, for life to them was filled with horror.

A whiff of damp earth through closed doors reminded him that he was living a lie.
Like the walking dead, he forced himself up to smell nature’s ecstasy served like a pie.

Aha! He thought. What seemed like a century old wait, came presenting itself to him.
The perfect camouflage to rip himself apart, oblivious to all eyes he wept for the victim.

From a bird’s view he looked like he was, at the same time, downing and drowning.
Those dead eyes could tell it was way more than just that. He was incurvating.

Nature’s bountiful showers promised to wash away THE thing. Little did it know it had to fail.
His life was preset. He called quits to his wait and knew that this was the right time to set sail.

The lifeless form did everything to display the lie. It was inconspicuously putting on a ritz.
Only he knew that it was time to morph ‘cos all the conflict inside him was an immortal blitz.

The Perfect camouflage was just the moment he was waiting for, just the right opportunity.

His time’s up here and time starts there.  He knew his struggle will be always be a fight till eternity....

The cave we explored in Srisailam. This one was big enough to walk. In many places, it wasn't big enough to crawl and I was leading with 4 others behind me. If I had to come out, the others had to crawl back. There was no space to even turn around when crawling, we just had to crawl without looking back. Scary, yet felt at home.

If you open this image full-screen, you will find hundreds of tiny bats and their glittering eyes.



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