Monday, August 19, 2013


He walked great lengths of the Earth following that trail he knew he shouldn't be following. 
The reason unknown, the motive unclear, he knew that across every thicket, he’d find nothing.

Yet, powered by the only source, he kept walking with nothing in his head to ponder about.
Unlike a grazer gazing at every opportunity, he kept on like a madman and at times like a scout.

He’d questioned himself a zillion times already and he knew well; the answer would never be in reach.
He was many things before he was a trailer or a stalker before this lesson that life was about to teach.

With or without choice, he had decided to follow the feather which forever seemed to float away.
Across the great seas, the rivers, the barren lands or the swamps, never for would him would it stay.

The feather’s destiny was clear, for it swayed through the different terrains to adorn someone’s hat.
It made stops regularly to interact with its fraternity and its likes because never did it stop at that.

He on the other hand, a madman kept surveying its halts to match pace and catch up with it.
Alas! The madman didn't realise the feather was light and he was too heavy with that grit.

Then came a time he saw it everywhere and detachment stared right into his worn out face.
Lost somewhere on the planet, he swore memories to be his whether in time or space.

Even now, the feather interacts with its interests carefree of the past, seeking what was pre-destined.
Incinerated and numb, the madman projected his memories on the air before goodbye he signed!

I hold rights over this picture and you shall be incinerated should you try and steal it!


###- I know the first line isn't how any post should begin with... But then, that was the intent!

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