Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Rainbow that Life is!

The ever so colourful and enticing colours in a rainbow never fail to fascinate people it presents itself to. So it's VIBYOR isn't it? Yeah that's what we've learnt.

But who knew our tutors taught us the exact reverse!! It's ROYBIV to be precise, when one looks at a rainbow.
Life's a rainbow and we're told it's going to be VIBGYOR. Who lists Z to A? Who counts backwards? Who would want to list the colours as VIBGYOR when it can be put forth the right way, which is the exact opposite?

Life's similar. We're taught stuff about life and how it will turn out to be. Well, well, well......

Most of space is black and one day life will return to it. Not before lingering around a lot of grey space! Pale grey... Which will neither let you submit yourself to your desires nor to your ultimate happiness. Everyone's life is such. One would want to claim that he/she's happy and doing what they love/ want to and are at peace.
But no one can be at peace. The complex factory inside our heads and hearts always has a secret longing. A side to it which will never let the entity from attaining peace and happiness. There's always a better taste, a better person, a better place, a better adventure, a better star, a better person to lust, a better person to love.

Ever single living being is merely surviving. Not living! All the claims, the promises, the visions, the longings, the wait, the patience, the friendship vows, heart to heart ties(Love, as people call it) forever are in a state of being crumbled.

Now you, the reader must be thinking this guy is a loco or is broken.. Neither. Take a peek into your own lives and unravel your truths.... VIBGYOR is not the same as ROYGBIV just like 1987 is not the same as 7891!
And this is where my rant ends! :)


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