Monday, June 9, 2014

The Crucible's End..

The clock ticks away...
The ground slips away..

Days will turn into years..
Years will dry these tears..

With insanity there is nothing to gain..
Learning to adjust will be the new sane..

Memories will remain lodged like a shard..
Heart turns rogue with decisions so hard..

Years of control and sacrifices like a crucible. .
They're nothing because the ties aren't sensible..

When the saturation hits high the bubble turns into a bomb..
Killing every thing and sending the entity into a catacomb..

The crucible can last long without magical and deadly combinations..
With cold and shock it becomes yet another casualty of  insinuations..

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CRD said...

Correct me if I'm wrong here. You're comparing the heart to a crucible? What a thought man. Really well penned. A lil cynical, but really well written.

Found your blog after revisiting orkut. There was a community there called Bloggeratti, and I'm its owner :) Have now started a group with the same name on FB.

Keep writing.

Do drop by mine.