Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bumble-bee's togetherness..

'It wasn't me!', the bee screamed. But it had committed it already.
'It wasn't you!', the flower answered... But it had snapped already...

These years, the promises and the wait will not go to waste..
Our union will happen now and in this life, not just the next ones..

The bee left its sting on the petal and it's damaged now..
The bee was confused and not itself when it happened.

The mind is a powerful distractor and a powerful winner..
Let me fix you said the bee because we are destined to be..

With time and my love will come healing said the bee..
The petal, must give a chance, for their combination is wonderful..

With time, the petal will grow beautiful and the bee will hurt never again..
Never again will there be pain.. The two will sway and fly together..


Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours. 
His coffee turned cold. Her strawberry iced tea turned warm..

He wants to announce it to the world, but the time isn't right.
Abracadabra is not just magic. It is her happiness. That comes with me.

The wand has been waved and the two have braved..
Now it is all back to normal, love has come again...

With faith and trust come everything good..
With sincerity and love comes everything happy :).


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Puneet said...

deep thoughts.. intense interpretations..