Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crush, Infatuation or Love??

I don't want to beat around the bush about this one.
I had been to a Family Friend's wedding reception and all was well till the dinner part. The hogger in me liked the food and I was on it, with diligence.
And then I had a cardiac arrest. Almost!
A girl in a white dress, with a radiant face, nice hairdo and a simple presence coupled with a great figure, caught my attention and the hogger in me switched off(Yes. Yes.. What's so surprising? I'm only being frank. As always ;)..:P ) .
I couldn't take my eyes off her. No, she wasn't scantily clad. Please get rid of that assumption about me, if you have one... :D. She was stunning and her smile was one hell of a Tornado. It swept me off ground, literally. It was not just her beauty, she had a very warm presence and the way she behaved was AWESOME. For some strange reason, my heart was lub-dub'ing at light year's pace. I surely had a CRUSH on her that moment. Another of the many Crushes I had.. But was this amazing girl one of those SPECIAL crushes??? :O :O :O :-s
I told my brother about this and he had a similar opinion and wanted me to advance:P :O :O :O :P..
From her interaction with the Groom, I understood she wasn't a Hyderabadi and She was from Chennai. Well, So WHAT!!?? :P..
I came back to senses and I wanted to fool around. So I told my mother that this is the only girl I would marry if I ever choose to. My Mother didn't give in to my trick and she clearly knew I wasn't all that serious.. Or was I?? :O... Naah.. For sure.. She was beautiful, warm hearted, tall enough for me, had a smile that could charge me up for one whole week. There surely was something about that girl that left me enamoured by her presence. I won't deny the fact that I was thinking if this probably IS "the so called" LOVE!!
I was thinking about her and if it would have been a good choice If I made friends with her. But, that's haste- I felt so.
Home now and she's reaching my thoughts now and then.. The frequency has reduced a great deal. But wooooaaah.. What a Girl!!
I might do some research, check with our family friend. Learn more about her and we may be great friends some day, or I may dislike her when I get to know the REAL her... But anyways, this is hypothetical!! :P..
This was a pre-wedding reception and the Wedding's tomorrow. Erm, well.. TODAY. Its 1:50 am here and its the 16th of May
I so want to go to the wedding, but I won't be. I realise it is some heavy duty INFATUATION.
Wish me some good sleep. I don't want her taking a peek-a-boo into my Nightmares!! :P.




Raghu said...

Lol.. another crush eh ? :P
Good one though bro..

devilzangel said...

16th march :S y dont u post things wen dey "do" happen n not after sum 2 mnths :|...but is dis luv =)) hahahahaaa.n asso y dint u go 2 d weddin :O? ur so :| dumb :p asso :p wt ws her name btw :)) ? =))

RoHiT said...

@ Raghu--> Yeah..Thanks mate :D
@ Booha-->Thanks for correcting me.. IT wasn't 16th Mar. It was 16th May..
Name eh... :-s :-/..Dunno :-??

Vinayak said...

a nice post
your blog is very good
keep blogging

- The Virgin Author! said...

LOL! :P How many times have you fallen in love, already?

PS: Just an advice, work on the way you write a post. And format it well.

Vinayak said...

nice post
keep it up

Anonymous said...

>I came back to senses and I wanted to fool around.


RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Vinayak--> Thank you :)

@ The Virgin Author--> A couple of times or more may be :P.. thanks for the advice :)

@ Dasi--> Hehehe yeah :D