Monday, May 31, 2010

Photos Like those tickets... erm.. Lottos!! :D

Well, this is after insistence from my foe that I post my travel photos on my blog to take part in the Blogadda Travel photos contest.

This has been a last minute affair right from the beginning. On Friday, she asked me to register myself into
Blogadda and submit my blog. And I did that. I didn't quite get the mail from Blogadda about my blog approval. So I submitted my blog again, yesterday.. :D

Blogadda finally approved my blog today and here I am, uploading pictures and stepping into the past with those photos, to get an appropriate beautiful description for them :D..

Alright! I won't blah blah anymore.

This photograph was taken at Pakhal Reserve on 2nd May ’09. I along with my bikers group had gone to Pakhal. Left-Right: Bhanu, Me(RoHiT), Raghu and Prashant. This was taken after a couple of attempts and this one was PERFECT! This was after 240 kms or more of riding our bikes, hardly any rest and the sunset on the background over the lake. We couldn’t have asked for more. I had a nice conversation with Nature here. One of the most soothing moments of my life. If I ever write a book, this IS going to be my cover page.

28th Nov ’09- Srisailam Long ride.--- My Bikers group again. Just a part of them . Tired, we decided to take a break. We still had a long distance left to reach our destination. TRAVEL CONTINUES!! In the photo(L-R): RoHiT, Subbu, Prashant and Raghu. Cracking a random joke! J.. The picture just goes to show we’re all geared up for another 200 kms though it’ll hurt our butts a lil’ bit :D

30th May ’09- Biker’s Trip to Vikarabad--- Captured this whilst in the Anantagiri forests. It was here that we came across hundreds of Peacocks and a couple of wild boars. Nature at its best. This photograph is something I’ll treasure for a long time. We were tired, our shadows weren’t. They could go on as long as we could. Amazing!

5th Feb ’10- Trip to Vishakapatnam(Vizag)—A very beautiful formation. A mollusc’s home. Now vacated.. Nature’s beautiful!! This picture only goes to prove that Nature finds a way to make use of everything it contains. In this case, a shell which was once a mollusc's home. :)

26th Dec ’09- Bidar fort. The sunrays hitting the walls of the fort, making it gleam like gold. I stood staring at these walls till sunset. What a sight it was!

There are tons of other pictures which've been clicked during my travels, but they'd suit a contest related to nature/life. I'm sure i'll share them with you sometime in this Super TRAVEL called Life.

Hope you liked my pics.




devilzangel said...

hahaa ur such an ass :))
1st pic mein P.T. exercise :P
i sumhow jus lubbb tht butterfly wings wala piccy aka shells wala :P
Bidar fort is also yummy ya :p
n tht shadow wala toh ufff :p

Indli said...

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RoHiT Iyer said...

@Booha-->hahaha and so are you.. :D..
lol P.T excercise eh! I kinda like all the piccys.. the very reason why I have 'em all on this post :D..

@ Indli--->Indian Idli :P

Garima Bhatia said...

Travelling in one passion which I really miss to cherish because of my limited capabilities of riding a cycle only. But kudos to guys like you who give me a chance to atleast imagine myself zooming on highways :P

I think even the shadow pic is worth being on the coverpage of your future publication :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

Thank ya Garima :)... cycling ain't a bad idea either.. you could do some zooming within Hyderabad :D..

I said...

Nyc photographs on da blog. I lyk the shell pic. Nicely taken.

Vinayak said...

Nice photography!!!
The first pic is just AWESOME!!!

Indli said...

Your blog is cool. To gain more visitors to your blog submit your posts at

Raghu said...

Amazing pics man..

Anonymous said...

Hey Rohit,

Thanks for the link to read your blog. Love the silhouette and shadow picts :)


Anonymous said...

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RoHiT Iyer said...

@ I, Vinayak and Raghu--> Thanks! :)

@ Danika--> Thanks for taking time to read my blog :D

@ Anonymous--> Erm.. thanks .. I don't quite understand if this comment of yours is a good one or a bad one. I'd suppose you translated it in English from a different language?
Thanks anyways :)