Monday, August 9, 2010

Saturday-->Our National Bird? Are you Sure dude?

Saturday-->Our National Bird? Are you Sure dude?

Lol.. I know I made you people(The very few who read my blog posts!) wait for a lil’ too long :P.. Here we go without any blah blah from me---->

Continuation of Friday- My day

And there we were, at the gates of KBR Park. It was still there on the hoarding. We bought our tickets and entered the park. What we witnessed next was something I can never forget. It was not a daily happening and surely not something everyone would see in his/her lifetime.

We, the trio took a stroll along the park and following were our reactions :P-- > Look there, a Peacock! And there, on the tree, there’s another one. Look at its feathers. They’re magnificent. And there’s another one on the fence. Wow, it feels so great to see peacocks within the City. Hey there are a couple of them in that open area. There are more peacocks than trees here. Look, another one. Another one there. One more. A bunch of them on the tree. This went on for a while.

“Look there. Straight ahead! It’s a Crow. It’s such an amazing bird. Look at its shiny black feathers”, I wanted to exclaim. But I didn’t. I’d prove myself to be an alien then..:-s

This was our reaction when we saw the first couple of Peacocks in K.B.R Park. It’s a reserve in the middle of the city. It once housed many wild animals, till as recently as 10 years ago. Now, all it has is a couple of Leopards, Cheetahs, tons of deer and lots of Peacocks. It also supposedly houses varieties of snakes and other reptiles. There are boards and hoardings everywhere.

One thing I liked in particular is the greenery there. The park, built on a sprawling area, contains a wide variety of medical plants and trees and there are boards next to each tree, describing what the tree is and what its medical and scientific properties are. I was reading about a tree when a giant Peacock landed right in front of me, behind the tree. I couldn’t do anything but stare in awe at the Peacock’s grace, style and its beauty. Its feathers gleamed in the sunlight and seemed like it was self-illuminating. The green and blue hues on it were such that mortals would go weak on their knees and would involuntarily applaud its wonderful creation.

Whatever happened that day fascinated, irritated and didn’t make much sense to me because as much as I love nature, an over-dose of the same makes me get bored of it. Was I lucky? I guess I was. I surely had an overdose of it :P.

And then I hear a friend say “Hey, I had been to Jaipur and there were so many Peacocks there. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I am glad I was there.”... My telepathic reaction to her --> “Oh! Peacocks?? Again? Noo.. I’ve seen more and enough of them. Lets talk about Crows, Sparrows and Eagles.”

She says “I so want to see them again.”.... My telepathic reaction--> “Muhahaha I’ll take her to KBR park and come back. Peacock fever will get into her and she’ll get allergic to Peacocks for a couple of weeks or a month atleast!!”

Peacocks.. I first thought they made my Saturday. And then, :-s.. They almost ruined it :-s :P..

On second thoughts, is the National bird?? :-/... :P




devilzangel said...

u'd prove urself 2 b an alien :S? arnt ya 1 already :S? a rather self-proclaimed 1 lol ? n haha so now u r peacock repellent :S? eh

RoHiT Iyer said...

I know I am an alien and not a self proclaimed one.... This planet's running a trial on me to prove I am an alien and I shouldn't disclose my identity...
Not any more.. I'd like to go to that place again now...:D