Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adios 2010

Mahn! WHAT an year this was :O

I can’t believe 2010 is history(almost!).  I’ve this feeling that time isn’t a standard thingy anymore..  I mean, how fast can an year possible pass? This has to be the limits. Last year’s New Year bash is still so damn fresh in my mind and everything seems to have happened at a super fast rate... Something is definitely wrong. This is where our brilliant scientists should hop in and check if the Earth is actually spinning faster and hence time’s passing by quickly too or whatever! :D.. “Sab kaam main hi karoonga kya?” – Amazing dialogue by Rajpal Yadav  in the super slow movie “Action Replayy” K...
          More about Earth’s rotational speed(psst- I’ll have to check with my kid bro on this :D) and Action Replayy later :D

Enter 2011 and I officially will become a Soothsayer  ;)... That’s cos most things I predicted happened this year. The unexpected almost always happens without expecting.. 
          Woaah that’s some line.. Looks like my IQ’s shooting up --“The Unexpected happens without expecting”?? lol :P...
2010 hasn’t been a great year. My body’s full of anti-biotics and meds. I probably have hogged more medicines in this year, than I have in all my life. What a ride this year has been!!
Talking of rides, our bike rides have come to a standstill :-(...(Remember, I predicted this in Adios 2009 and I am not proud of that predictionL..). @7000 RPM, our bikers group hasn’t seen a bike ride in this year at all! Hahahaha Prashant, Chandra and Raghu probably would curse me cos that ride on Feb 20th could easily have been a bike ride if it hadn’t ended up as a freak accident with me kick starting my medicine diet for the rest of the year(For various other reasons though! :P)...

That accident was amazing huh!! What say, trio? Lol... I’m still writing a post on that accident and rest assured, there’ll be more “hahahahas” than “awwws” and "ohhhs" in that post filled with tragedy  galore:P.. Weird but that’s how it was lol :P.. I can’t believe I was limping for 3 and half months and I am now left with this wound mark for life on my right knee and my right arm :D.. Amazing !! :D

Prashant, Chandra and Raghu,-->> Remember I said “SHIT”? :P.. that’s for you guys to laugh about.. and for others who weren't there that day or don't know about it, you’ll have to wait a while till I write that post:D... Am I actually blah blahing unnecessarily?  I think I am.. I just read what I’ve written and it sucks.. God(read ‘Alien’) bless those of you who haven’t dozed off yet :D..

Alright.. I’m going to quickly sum this year with a few points....

1Started of really good.. expected it to remain that way... It didn’t.. cos- - -

  • I was left with a limp for 3 months which meant, no table tennis, cricket, bike rides, shuttle badminton and even a satisfying  nature call! True!! :P.. 
  • I think my body resistance went for a major toss and I was prone to all kinds of illness and this year has been really SICK :-s.. Something came up every month and I hope it doesn’t EVER come back :-p
  •  Work started becoming monotonous and boring and I was doing all kinds of work I shouldn’t be doing...
  • I quit my job with a split second thought. Gave them the frankest opinions and views as to why I’m leaving and my reasons definitely were not easy to digest! Left my colleagues wondering why in the world would I get such a thought. And when they realised it was real, some were speechless(I’m lying :D).. I am not that great a friend to anyone that they’d miss me :D
  • I wasted a month’s time... It was great! A break I needed after 4 years of continuous work :P
  • I then joined an institute(Still am attending classes there :-s)— I’m not going to talk about the details of my course but they charge a BOMB and I spent all of my life’s savings and MORE on it... I think I’m regretting it now..
  • I have to travel 20 kms(one way) to reach my classes and that guarantees an abusive rap from me. People on the roads are sick. They care less about traffic sense. Often think of buying an Air-gun to vent my anger.
  • I was going to type more about my ill health here.. but I just edited and added it in point 2 :P..
  • I don’t regret anything from the past now.. Not even that one friendship break for which I was the reason(Yes I accepted it.. didn’t I  ??)... I tried to mend it with that person this year and that person didn’t quite reciprocate.. which I think is fair enough.. anyways.. that rids me off some burden.. I TRIED!! :D *pats himself*
  • Had a tiff with a good friend(or is it having?)... We’ll sort it out ;-). Looks like that pal(foe:D) will take revenge by mending this thingy.. Weird? :D
  • Few colleagues I thought would remain good friends surprisingly aren’t doing their bit. May be they’re just TOO BUSY! Our “good friends” status we claimed off is supposedly in hibernation mode even after all the calls I made to you. I’m jobless and I make calls to you guys like every 3 days and you don’t even care to call me if I haven’t contacted you for 2 weeks? Supa cOoL!! Take a hint buddy.... You know I am not one of those patient friends.. I have an amazing trait to cut off!! Good luck to us :D
  • My kid brother has written something super interesting. It talks about time, light, worm holes and a lot of things I don’t understand(These are all related to the universe and theories on space). I read his theory a couple of times and I still don’t understand much of it. I’m sure no-one has thought of such a thing and I hope you become the next Einstein(with a better hairstyle lol :P)..
  • No major additions on the gadget front. I just don’t want to invest much with 2012 round the corner :P
  • Tons of photographs taken this year.
  • 15)                  Oh and lots of blog posts too :D
  • Lucky me has a fan base for my blog in the Netherlands too.. *winks*
  • Spent some great time with my cousin brother. He’s super cOoL :D...
  • The Blog-o-sphere doesn’t enthral me anymore. I will be shifting to personal diary writing pretty soon.. I think I’d express myself better there without having to think about the choice of words or people. May be a couple of posts before April and My day will be the blog’s D-Day :D

Aaand I think that’s about it. .. This post looks gloomy without any positives but this year hasn’t been all that sad, actually.. I’ve learnt a great deal this year too(yes!)..
People who claim they know me probably are wondering if this truly is the end to this post and my answer’s a YES :D.. I’m not adding that boring bit anymore :P.
Alright then.. this should be my last post for 2010, unless I am in a poetic mood or I want to write- which’s very unlikely to happen. I’ve an exam on Monday :(
I’m happy I’m ending yet another year as a Good person :(... That’s my verdict and feel free to give your own :P... I’m tired of being Good. Just the way I was last year and the one before it and so on!

Last year, I said “Gosh~~.. I'm glad its ending... Let this year heal all the pains, misunderstandings, hatred, betrayals and THE Traitors...” and I actually experienced all of them :P.. So I am not going to ask for anything from 2011. Let it be the way it is going to be ;)

Have a WONDERFUL LIFE ahead.. Not just an YEAR..;-)



Raghu said...

Tht's a hell of writing I say..:P I knw it was difficult 4 u 2 go 4 a nature call after the accident & my bike was completely fucked up..!!!! Its still fresh in mind..!!!

Devilzangel said...

hahaaa wt an eventful yr eh :p, one u won't fuhget :-? @least health wise whoaaa...n d tiff eh loll yes d revenge awaits n will follow itself into 2011 too it seems b-) oh get well soon asso :p

RoHiT Iyer said...

lol.. thanks..but you knew it was difficult for me?? Wtf dude? I don't see cameras in the loo :|

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ booha-->eventful it was!! The revenge I guess isn't going to follow itself.. We've sorted it out.. That was quick! Too bad I couldn't have fun :P... that person was least bothered lol!