Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fevi-fscking Kwik!

So I was sitting, doing nothing, with Vaktun playing loud on my headset. I could hear a tuk-tuk-tuk sound on the background though the volume in the headset was blaring!
I took the headset off and started looking around. Turned out that water was dripping off the air-conditioner in my room. It was dripping on my office bag and sort of created a pool of freezing cold water on my bed.
"Fuck!", I exclaimed and checked the laptop, water was all over it, but it still was running. Good.

Now, how the fuck does water drip off an AC? I went out, had a look at the unit placed outside and the outlet pipe was fine. Drops of water were dripping off it, just like it should.
I climbed onto my bed and opened the front panel of the AC. A curved part just above the blower vents, served like a container and was filled with water. Water, from Aliens-know-where was dripping into it; overflowed and then found its way through the vents and tuk-tuk-tuk'ing on my bed.
Screw Valhalla!!

I made a dash into the kitchen, brought a vessel and a pipe. One end of the pipe into the AC and the other in my mouth. Nostalgia kicked in!
Days when I'd suck water off one bucket of water and would let it flow into another. Employed the same, just that a lot of dust made its way into my mouth. About a litre of super cold water came through. All good now.

I noticed that the AC filters were full of dust, hair and it practically couldn't filter anymore. I took the filters off and cleaned them. Went to put them back into place, but one filter split on its side. It had to be firm so I had to fix it.

That is where it split.

Fevi Kwik to the rescue!! So I wiped that part of the filter dry and applied that son of a gun to it. I was aligning the beam together but it bounced back. That, coupled with some terrific co-incidence and nature's plot of blinding me, helped a drop of Fevi Kwik into my left eye. Fucked up! I thought I'd now have to live a Pirate's life.
Took a glass of water and the next thing I saw was the bottom of the glass through water. My eye became numb.
Eye felt better, but it still was uncomfortable. Did the glue cause an abrasion on my cornea??? Asked my mirror "Mirror mirror on the wall, do you think I'll be blind?". It replied "No!!".

Still feel a little uncomfortable but have been through this feeling previously. Nothing when compared to other feelings I reckoned.

Game over.


Edit: My English's fucked up. I haven't edited one post these many times ever!


Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

Is ur eye fine now?

RoHiT Iyer said...

yeah it is.. thank you

Rinaya said...

I'd have called the Ac company & got myself some guy to fix it :D