Monday, May 28, 2012

The Garden of Eden

Bet t’was what seemed like yet another busy day during spring that year
Under the glowing petals crawled a shiny lady bug, bright, happy and clear
Must have seen a rent-board on the flower so it thought it could unleash its lineage
Must have come there again to relive and not relieve yesterday’s heartbreak
Yesterday was yesterday and it decided it wants to crawl on without a break

Butterflies fluttering their flap-flaps, here, there, everywhere
Esoteric they are, sucking sweetness through their proboscis
Articulate as they are, they look like a crowd rather than a swarm
Reality as usual is a prick ‘cos the story’s different here

That one ugly butterfly knew it’d be alone if it spoke the truth.
It’d be happy in a paradise made of plaster of Paris if it knew how to lie.
But loneliness was its only companion either ways. 


It sang its song of pain and despair, for it was in love with the dandelion
The dandelion was truly, madly, deeply in love with the Butterfly too
They had planned so much, even thought of doing a world trip!!

Two different species and the universe conspired to bring unison
Just like the flip-side of a coin and the dark-side of the moon,
Every conspiracy inflicts pain and results in death and separation
They loved each other but never understood each other.

Love knows no bounds and needs no language said some ageing oaf
Well, no sire, it's always bound and needs two people on the same page
The duo fought most odds, yet, never could understand each other

Time is a dick, never united him and her, let alone fulfilling their plans
The separation gagged the butterfly and killed his true self in time
He was the swift one who could dodge swatters and researchers
Haha!! But he couldn’t dodge love, could he?

His clan wished he returned to where he claimed he was from
But he wanted to challenge what humans called ‘Love kills’
Impervious to emotions, he fell for it
Love thrills but also kills, in THE.......




Khushboo R. Gandhi said...


Buddha3074 said...

Quite interesting, I see the personification and enjoy the blend with other creations of the Earth. Battle for togetherness inside a prison. Good write.

Kay said...

Wow! Extremely profound piece.

RoHiT Iyer said...

@Khushboo Gandhi- thank you

@ Buddha-- Thank you :)

@Kay-- thanks too :)