Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Orphan

His final wish that he be the orphan no more, denied.
He lay dead, his body waiting to join the elements.
Minute after minute, heart beat after heartbeat,
Time slowed down, the past flashed through his eyes.

His only wish then was that he be the orphan no more.
None there for him, his muscle stiffened and pumped slower,
The invisible bullet found its mark and lodged itself fatally.
Years of torment and solitude fused to form a projectile.

Yet, his only wish was that he be the orphan no more.
He survived the charging dunes and the roaring hurricanes.
There was more than just the chasmic abode he lived in,
Thrown deeper into the abyss, void of faces and voices,

He thought and wished that he be the orphan no more.
Turbulent thoughts wreaked havoc with his dreary soul.
Unrelenting was life’s implacable motto to deny everything,
His life was a perfect example of inanimate broken continuity.


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