Thursday, January 7, 2010

~~~Sleepless mornings!!

Since my new job responsibility requires me to work permanently in a shift I hate; I reach home at 3am.. Timings to which I've forced myself to sleep. I'm now sleeping anywhere between 7am and 10 am, after a good/bad/ok day at office.

Nothing is worse than to do something you know WILL assure you NO sleep for the rest of the day. I signed into gmail, and read some conversations which promise sleeplessness. And why??:-/ :-?...
Darn me!! I still want to see if I was the culprit during that mammoth emotional episode. Why the hell would I want to blame myself.. I should stick a sign on my Monitor. Something which reads "Look left, Look right. Look up, Look down. Touch yaa chin, make a fist, whack yaa rib cage. Call it a KO!".. I wonder when I'll get rid of this.. Looks bleak. Each time I read em', I drown into this BLUE HOLE of emotions. One good thing is, I've become a swimmer capable enough to get out of the hole and its overpowering gravity. A lil' dizzy now and a lil' steady later, I set on a mission to set things fine AGAIN. ~~BLUE HOLE↓↓↓~~ AAAL IZZZ WELL :).. If only this line would be of genuine use! Nevertheless, I've dug my own grave for today. Can't sleep in comfort. A nightmare would be a welcome guest considering the fact that I'll have to be asleep for that... Anything for some sleep !!
Haha.. such a coward. I should delete those conversations but I need them for a day I'm waiting for very eagerly. A day I'd lose all my memory. I need a heavy jolt of current to get me awake and something which'd bring me back to life--> These once upon a time good conversations with a once upon a time good friend.

And I know whats running in that heavy head of ya's... Its you that I am talking to.
Hello.. You, the reader. You must be thinking why I'm talking like a loser and why I can't get back to the friend I am talking about..
You should read the book 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Its not a realistic situation, you see.
Naah, you don't see :D.
Well, enough of my ramblings. This blog also is a good medium to get me back to my senses when I lose them :D..
If you're someone I know personally, don't do a Euthanasia on me before you try showing me my blog. If I still can't, please feel free to practice Euthanasia on me, if its a legal thingy in India then :).

Alright, time for a jog.
Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?? If that's the case, your life's missing the Spice!! (And, yeah!! I know I am a budding poet :D )



Raghavendra said...

he he.. I knw hw much u hate this shift...:P

Sorcerer said...

shift..err..I can understand

sometime I work on combo days..
my brain feels like numb.
but..all eej well!

RoHiT said...

@ Raghu-->Oh you bet yaar.. but I'll have to... Doesn't take toll on the work I do, but surely does on me!!

@ Sorc-->Oh, Combo days are hell... Done it too and they're exciting for a lil while and then it gets so damn slow.. life suddenly seems like its movin slow mo' kinds :-s
Yeah!! Aall Izz well!! :P

raj87 said...

Its true at times it makes u breathless and almost dead ,Nice job buddy ;)

devilzangel said...

loll i like d blue hole :P if tht indeed is a hole :-/
n loll u need 2 stop readin dos convos loll :p ur jus like surdas o kabirdas o tulsidas o whoeva das ws d 1 who ws cuttin d same branch has he ws on :p in short 2 get yaself outa d agony u need 2 stop duin wteva insanely assoholic stuff ur duin related 2 ur past :p b happy abt d happy times :P dont get depressed by wtz not der :p v wish 4 a lot of things in our life 2 b either permanent o 2 stay in our life @Least a lil longer :p but thtz not d way it works :P u need 2 "MOVE ON" not jus on d outside but on d inside too :p cumin 4m a person(i mean me here lol :P) who dusnt knoe wt movin awn is but still has fought a lil too much 2 figure out wt movin on is, den m sure least u can do is head 2wards "movin on"...u really need 2 stop torturin urself :p thtz quite a lotta gud advice 4m me :p i knoe v both arnt used 2 it :p but u really need 2 stop thinkin bout wtz not der n think positive 2wards wt u hv :) :D ;) :P *kicks his ass on sucha gud note* hahaha lol :p

RoHiT said...

Uh,,wth is this comment?? I'll read it later booha.. darn you write such bada bada essays...>:P

bunti .. said...

Man i am with u

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Bunti boy--> :)