Friday, April 15, 2011

Because I am a weirdo!

Yeah right. I know you agree to that and so do I. Too bad there isn’t an explanation or a reason as to why I am one! If there is anyone out there who claims to have an explanation to that, do not believe their shit. I’d rather suggest you land a punch right in the middle of their face, the focal point- the nose. Or give them knee dig, you know where! Aaaand if you’re a Mortal Kombat fan, you can yell out “brutality-muhahahahahaha” soon after the above said have been done ;) :D...

        Uh but seriously- there has to be some kind of an explanation or a rationale to me being weird, other than the already known fact that I am an alien.  I’ve been sending distress calls to my folks for the last 1.5 million years. I’ve seen the likes of Archimedes, Aryabhatta, Napoleon, Da Vinci and blah-blahs live and die. What the hell? Microsoft Word does not recognise Aryabhatta? It shows his name as a spell check and freaking accepts Archimedes, Napoleon, Julia, Nancy and many other insignificant names. INJUSTICE! K...  Not just them. I’ve seen things which may seem a little too trippy to you humans. All those extinct flora and fauna. Oh those days were good! It was just me and my pet sabre-toothed who had   the comforts of living in an Air-conditioned room in my spaceship. Oh and electricity!! \m/.. I promised Franklin I would never let the world know that he used our technology and claimed it was he who invented electricity and what not! And I will never disclose it to you either :D.

Oh yes! Don't think twice. I am :D

So.. coming back to what I started off with,  last night at around 2 am, I was doing a little practice on Ubuntu and I was getting bored of it. I thought I’d lie down for 5 minutes and then get back to some practice, video surfing and online guitar tutorials. My right hand did a  whadaaap hi5  with my left and I put my earphones on, listening to “When you Say Nothing at all”(my version! Yeah:D). I opened my eyes and I went straight to my Gmail to see if I’ve any new mails or notifications. And none as usual(no one likes me :-s). I then looked at the clock on the lappy and it was 3 freaking AM!! I am not sure what it was- probably my recording was too sweet or a little to unbearable, I actually slept for an entire hour. No dreams, no interruptions, nothing at all. Just plain, pure, purest, purestest sleep! I’m pretty sure I used the word “fuck” and a little too loudly. I don’t use that word at home and I was a little worried if someone heard me saying that. With me in my room and my doors shut, it wouldn’t  quite sound ermm nice! :P

Also, I’m super weird cos I managed to keep you guys engrossed or at least reading this 500 word post which clearly is a product of me not having anything to write about :D.. Muhahahahaha.. \m/.. 500 words of pure non-sense, though it is true that I am a weirdo :D and what’s weirder is the fact that you’ve become a little weird too since you’re STILL reading this stuff :P...

Here’s a word of advice--- You have to understand the fact that “Some days you’re a pigeon and other days you’re a statue!”... Today, I’m the pigeon and you’re all the statues. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to dye your heads in white :-)... I’ll be a good host someday too :P..


~~Day 15 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Devilzangel said...

hahaa liar lol ur only a million yrs old :| dontcha exagg ur age haan b-).
ya ya einstein used ya tech, n m sure graham bell did too :))
ofcourse ur weird :)) *kicks his ass 4 tht*

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ khushboo--> I never noted down my birthdate.. I just did a plus or minus half a million years thing... hence the 1.5 mn number :D.
Now, those are supposed to be secrets.. don't reveal em :D