Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nature- Ever so enthralling! The Drunk aren't! :|

 This post is the continuation of “Nature- Ever so enthralling!” posted on Apr 7th 2011.

The Descent!
~~400 steps down and about a few hundred metres of walking, we saw the waterfall. It was wayyy different than what I’d seen of it in the summer of ’09..  Barricaded, it lost its charm. The round pool beneath the waterfall which almost looks geometrical, seemed separated off the falls. Most of us slipped under that mossy surface near the waterfall, hurt our arses, laughed our arses out too :P and had loads of fun. 

After all the fun we had under the waterfall, 5 from the 10 of us set out to the Sri Sailam temple, and me with 4 others set out to explore the forest, following the flow of water. We came across tiny rivulets meeting the river, loads of pug marks of bears, deer and those of a few canines. It was somewhere in the middle of the trek that I decided to drink some water off the river and it was the purest, sweetest water I’ve ever tasted (no exaggeration). 

Footprints of a Bear. Kinda was fresh!
About an hour and half into the trek, we came across another waterfall, this one- much smaller and more enthralling. We had some fun there, loads of pictures taken. After spending a while there, we decided to head back. When we reached the main waterfall, we felt helpless looking at the 400 step ascend that we had to endure. It took us over half an hour to get to the top and we were ‘spent’—Totally :-s...

          We asked the other half o f the group to meet us at Baba dhaba. Yeah funny name but he serves great food and with love and respect.  Around lunch time we reached Baba Dhaba and we ordered some snacks. I can’t seem to recollect the name but he actually made Rotis and rolled omelettes into them. It was super yummy and re-charged us. The wait for the others seemed like a light year's wait specially after waiting for over an hour at the dhaba. The sweet smell of something yummy cooking in there made our wait even more miserable. Anyways, the group finally came, we finished our lunch, took an hour’s rest at the dhaba and started off for Hyderbad.

We took our bikes out and my cousin realised the rear tyre of his brand new bike was flat. I pushed his bike to the nearest mechanic.  But Mr. Mechanic was taking his afternoon nap and clearly denied helping us. Awesome! So we just filled air in that rear tyre, though it was punctured. He rode his bike a little distance and found another mechanic.  Somu offered me a ride till the mechanic and so we were, talking about something, when a cat ran across the road, missing our tyres by a few feet. Probably wasn’t even a minute since the cat ran across, a monkey streaked across the road, this time barely missing it’s suicidal attempt. A minute later, a cow came running and stopped right in front of the bike. It was all too weird for me to handle. I exclaimed rather loudly—What next? A Man!!?
We reached the mechanic; “Punchar”—was his verdict and puncture it was! There was an eerie looking hole, dangerously close to two other puncture holes on the tyre tube. Anyways, he fixed it real quick and gave us a “good to go” sign!!

It also was the day India was playing the league match versus West Indies in the Cricket World Cup. We were all excited to get home quickly and watch the rest of the match and we planned fewer breaks en route home. Everything was just about perfect- the weather, us, the mood, the game we’d get to see after we’d get home. Everything! We stopped about 110 kms from Hyderabad to have some tea. We watched the match for about 15 minutes and decided we had enough halt time. I was the pillion after the halt and my prophecy came true! A man indeed did come in our path(he was drunk)! The rest is history. The three of us were put in an ambulance and were driven to a government hospital at Hyderabad.  Quite some injuries, broken bones and hair line fractures happened to us thanks to  the accident. It was ermm...--bad. That’s about it. Nothing more about the accident will be discussed :D. Not many would approve it’s discussion here and I wouldn’t either!

          The trip, in one word was “Fantawesome!”. It really was! The next bike trip probably is in June. And this time, I’ll be the one riding MY bike, the entire distance!

Oh and again—if it wasn't for our helmets, me and my cousin would have been in some real bad state or maybe in a different state of existence too!

Please put on your helmet every time you get out on your vehicles. You might be a safe rider but the person crossing the road or others on their vehicles may not really be sensible or in their senses!! The Helmet is NOT an accessory :-)


~~Day 9 of my blog-a-day-for-22-days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Raghu said...

Wil remember tis trip 4 sure..!

magiceye said...

glad about your advice to put on helmets

Devilzangel said...

hahaa wt fun :p wta progression of species too ur way :p
hope ur duin f9 now afta ya acci?

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> You bet!!

@ Magiceye--> I'm glad too.. I'd be more glad if people actually follow it.:)

@ Khushboo-->Yeah fun it was... progression of species 'too' my way?-- yeah i'm doing awesome.:) thanks!

Disguise said...

Hey :)

Thanks for checking my blog out! And it's cool that your birthday is on the 23rd :)

Btw, may I offer you some advice? Cut down on some of the stuff on your blog. Like the jazzy font, for example. Black and Times Roman is perfect, and understated classy :)

RoHiT Iyer said...


No..My birthday's on the 22nd of Apr! You mentioned yours was 12 days away. which's like 9+12=21...

Thanks for the advice but I totally love my blog this way.. Times Roman and Tahoma are classy indeed but one has to have a classy blog too!!

Which, I obviously don't!

Thanks again :)

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Disguise again--> Mayyy be you'd want to check my next post, which'll be up on my blog in the next couple of hours.. It's AR Essence and in Black. It suits the post.. But again, jazzy is good, as long as it's not on me :)