Sunday, April 3, 2011

India-- Cricket World Cup 2011 Champions!!

Woooohoooo!! We are the Cricket World Champions now. The Indian team has done it!! Victorious over Sri Lanka, the Indian team showed great sportsmanship, determination and unyielding courage to win theCricket World Cup 2011 final against the very strong and balanced Sri Lankan side. It was a day when the Indian team was exceptionally flawless as a fielding unit. There were dives and desperate, yet confident attempts everywhere. Why? It was 'THE' day when Gauti dived to save himself when India was batting. That gave me that extra sense of belief that India WILL win this epic match:D.

          Well, may be the Sri Lankan side wasn’t all that balanced, attributing to Angelo Mathews’ injury which kept him out of play. With him injured, they were one batsman and bowler less. They opted for Suraj Randiv- who didn’t prove effective at all! The start was a shaky one, with confusion over the toss. The toss happened twice and the Sri Lankans went on to bat first and they amassed quite some runs, thanks to Mahela’s super awesome batting and a few slog shots from their tail-ender.

@ Zia's Place. Great host and a great friend!
I saw the first innings of the match at Zia’s place along with Prashant, Vj Karan and Somu. When the first innings finished, I told them I had to get back since I had to watch the match with family too. Came back and watched the second innings of the match with family. India’s start was super shaky!! Sehwag goes out for a duck and Sachin got out with 18 runs to his credit; we were hoping he’d become the tournament top scorer. He only needed 19 more runs to become the top scorer—Alas!

          Being the sentimental Indian with respect to cricket, I changed places, hoping things would get better. I found myself a place – a room away, with the television in the far end of the other room. Thanks to my Alien eye-sight, I had no trouble following the scores and other statistics. The change in place actually worked! Gautam Gambhir played a good knock with Virat Kohli and then with Dhoni. I moved a bit to get my laptop charger and he got out!! That only made me more careful and I was a breathing statue for the next few minutes. Dhoni along with Yuvraj then played what seemed like one of the best knocks off his bat! It was 72 runs required off 71 balls! I then chucked all the superstition, found a chair and went all guns, cheering India for every run, every boundary and anything which increased the runs on the scoreboard. The decibel levels in that room suddenly increased to an insane level and after the next 40 minutes of the same insane cheering and whistling, I witnessed the chota-helicopter shot off Dhoni’s blade. INDIA WINS THE WORLD CUP!! I shouted with joy, whistled—so much that I ran out of air in my lungs. The next 30 minutes, no one could hear anything. Everyone was shouting, lighting fireworks, congratulating each other. It was crazy!
I had to click this. I didn't wait for the auto-focus. But, what the hell!!

I then received a phone call from friends who joined the group at Zia’s place, asking me to come there so we could all go for a long drive, probably the city outskirts. I took a few friends along, reached Zia’s place. We congratulated each other; spoke at length to friends I haven’t seen in 6 months and we then packed ourselves into Murali’s mammoth Safari, headed towards Shamirpet. The drive was crazy!!. I was a little uncomfortable, thanks to the knee bruise from the accident I had recently; but all the pain disappeared when we got out of the windows, shouting slogans, cheering Team India and taking pictures of each other.
Me in my Blue shirt :D, Naveen anna and Ramesh with half our bodies outside the car. Tonsils-- Hello-- still hanging?:D

About half an hour later, we reached a dhaba, which obviously was filled with people who were all talking about the match, waving the Indian Flag, wearing the Indian cricket team’s jerseys and some with the Indian colours on their arms and faces. It was a splendid scene. Everyone was wishing everyone. No one was a stranger! A little while later, we switched to music, danced- strangers joined us too. After a super blah blah session, we ordered food, drinks and started back at around 5 am. Super awesome!! The feeling still hasn’t left and Indians will be more Indian for a few more days!! Jai Hind! \m/

Naveen Anna, Me and Pramod. The ever so beautiful Indian Flag behind us :D



~~Day 3 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Balaji @ Domnos India said...

When i will order the dominos pizza i got one surprise and great news from other side. last time india vs australia at that time i bought one pizza. india will win first time defeat in anustralia in world cup match semi final. so i bought 3 dominos pizza they will 30 differ run.. oh next time i will bought 10 pizza. india will win by 10 balls remaining what a pretty. thanks dominos pizza

RoHiT Iyer said...

ermm... ok! You should buy 50 pizzas next time. May be India would win with 50 overs to spare-- that would be one hellova miraculous win! :P

Balaji @ Dominos India said...

Yes when will india facing the test match i buy 50 pizza to my colleagues. india should win with 50 overs hahahah....

RoHiT Iyer said...

cOoL :)

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