Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nature- Ever so enthralling!

With less than 3 weeks left before this blog’s forced into a cryogenic state, locked away from everyone but me, a thought streaked across my mind a few days ago. Why not post something every day, for the next 3 weeks, even if it’s just some useless rambling? And I kinda approved that thought and here it is!! This is my 7th post in a row and a post every day for the next 15 days—wow! \m/ 0-0\m/...

A recap of Feb 20th 2010 on Mar 20th 2011 happened.. Was quite a story.. Not an adventure really but the Super-moon day and the day after that were really cOoL!! 

The bonfire which consumed a LOTTT of firewood, dung, hay and what not :|
          Was the first time I(we) heard wild animals in the wild self. As usual, we were in the middle of  the forest on the 19th Mar 2011(The day of the Super-moon a.k.a the day I broke free :P), the 10 of us(yeah, that by far was the highest attendance on a bike trip!—Wooohoo to that!!) found some open space in the middle of the forest and decided to camp there. With what seemed like enough firewood and hay to keep us warm and safe, we made a bonfire (before you think we could have instigated a forest fire, I should remind you that we picked an open spot :D—In Your Face!! Wham :P). The firewood and hay lasted 2 hours and we were scrambling on the forest-floor which was kinda well illuminated thanks to the Supermoon (oooooouuuuu—the werewolf in me just snapped for a second :P). We had to do this a couple of times the 
entire night, to keep ourselves warm and safe.

All through the night, we heard bear grunts from a little distance away. A few tense minutes later, we heard bears grunt, foxes howl and a couple of birds circling over us, making screeching noises. I am not quite sure what birds they were, but they sounded like falcons or eagles or may be hawks? I don’t know. It was kinda creepy but super exciting. A few people almost pissed in their pants, but me and a couple others made most of that moment by listening to the sounds and admiring the clear skies and the volatile atmosphere of the forest. Most folks had their share of sleep and I had half an hour to myself, which was BAD!! At around 3:30 our firewood was spent and I took a couple of guys with me, so we could collect anything that could burn! The fencing was a sort of an assurance that no dangerous huge animal would come through. The firewood crisis kinda alienated the snake hazard from our minds. We were prepared to use a snake as firewood too! We were that desperate(Kidding about the snake as firewood thing, but the desperation was super huge!)!! We managed to collect some dry twigs, loads of grass and Hemant also managed to collect some dry dung! I wandered a little more towards the fence and the rest of them were right behind me, when we were shocked. A chill ran through us. The fence, which was an assuring factor, apparently was ripped apart and bent to the ground, clearly by a bear. All of us managed to get ourselves back to sense and we actually laughed it off, probably ‘cos we were still alive, considering there wasn’t any fencing left in that part of the forest!

The Supermoon! 19th March 2011
         I decided to wake everyone up. They had “ENOUGH” sleep and I also was getting way too angry at them sleeping their asses off while I only had half an hour’s sleep. I woke everyone up and we told them what we saw. Once they learnt about the fence, all those sleepy face suddenly turned alert, some pale with fear and others red, with all that blood rushing into their brains :P

At 5am, we heard peacocks and peahens mewing away to glory— some of them even were super nocturnal, mewing through the night intermittently too :P

Around 7 am, after we had our breakfasts on the highway(we had to go back 12 kms to see some civilization), we came back to the same place in 
the forest and descended towards the Mallelatheertham waterfalls.

To be continued.......


~~Day 7 of my blog-a-day-for-22-days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Devilzangel said...

haha oh wt fun :)) d bear shud'v paid ya guys a visit but :p
n ders a typo-foxes' howl not houl :D

RoHiT Iyer said...

Yeah it was fun... Oh and typo indeed.. Thank you :)

Raghu said...

I was d one who was sleeping all th time like a log btw..:D Remember the incident, when I woke up & shouted spider in sleep & u guys got scared..? :P

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> don't remind me as to how much you and everyone else slept :|.. I didn't budge.. I've seen those sleep ramblings from ya previously too :D