Monday, April 11, 2011

C'est la vie!!

There are days when we have a lot of fun and there are days we are bombarded with nothing but pressure, sorrow and sometimes nothing! C’est la vie!
       A few hours ago, I was horizontal on the floor, staring at the ceiling, wondering what should be up as today’s blog post. Yesterday, it was sheer fun. It didn’t take me much time to get done with a blog post and a good one, actually!!

It was not a writer’s block that I faced today, but a writer’s flood. There were ten thousand thoughts hovering inside my head and my butterfly net didn’t quite catch one of those ten thousand thoughts *sigh* :-(.... Well again, c’est la vie! :)

Us having a hearty laugh!

Just then, I took out my invaluable external hard disk from its secret location and I was picture browsing through ‘every’ album on it.  I saw a photograph of me and my friends laughing at I-don’t-remember-what. 

:(:(:(... Chocolate Lychee...:(:(:(
It was soon followed by a Chocolate-Lychee Ice-cream pic :-s.. Lychees are my ultimate weakness. I can kill for basket full of Lychees(no kidding!). There were days when I could order unlimited laughs and lychees and now, I am deprived of both. Well, the deprivation will continue for a month more at least! C’est la vie!

I then came across a pic of my sweetheart, parked on the banks of the Pakhala reservoir. 

Also the pic of me charging a kamehameha wave(an energy ball) by cupping my palms and focusing my chi into it. 

The legendary pic of us mid-air(up) and our group pic.(below)

The biker in me got a little emotional. That bike ride was my first long ride, the best ever. We covered over 500 kms in 2 days with very little sleep, saw four major tourist locations and it was that time of the year when the summer was at its peak! A lot of memories with that trip. And there I was browsing for over an hour, revisited a thousand memories with friends, family and those I treasured when alone. At the end of it, all I told myself- c'est la vie! :)

Life is full of surprises. Some we accept with wide spread arms and some we decline with frustration and discontent on our faces and behaviour. It isn’t weird if someone revolts against life’s tricks but it is essential to understand- Such is Life! :-j


~~Day 11 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Raghu said...

Man tht trip would be th best till date, later followed by the Adilabad trip..!!!

Devilzangel said...

nice post :p i rememba d choco-lychee piccy too :| u'd so tempted me wid tht piccy :-s

subtlescribbler said...

indeed photographs can bring back memories so clearly and they then stay back in ur mind for long time to come :)
and btw, even i can kill for lychee :P
keep churning such posts :)


RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> True! :)

@ Khushboo-->yeah I just tempted myself with that pic!

@ Sarah--> that's right. Photographs let us relive certain moments for a few moments! Glad you're a Lychee maniac too :)

Me said...

i like i like B-)

Varsha said...

I would kill for lychees too

And loved the pics, they bring back such fond memories!
Nice blog, but why are you closing it down?!