Friday, April 1, 2011

The day draws near!

All good things come to an end and so my blog has to too! The 4 year long journey was quite a ride, quite a platform and an experience sharing forum of a different kind. What started off as just another blog in the blog-o-sphere, slowly built itself within me, making me weave a poem at times, a random blah blah post or a serious topic otherwise.
          I must admit I was getting addicted to the blogosphere at quite an alarming pace and it was just natural for a person like me, who hates getting addicted to anything/anyone, to let go of it. The plan to suspend this blog has been a pending one and I chose April to bid goodbye to it. It was in April that I started my blog 4 years ago and April it is that it shuts down; on my birthday to be more precise :- ).

I’ve some weird plans during this period though! I intend to write a post a day! 22 posts in one month must be a record of sorts. Won’t it be? May be not!! :P. I’ll award myself one, though \:D/... Don’t expect quality content in every one of my posts—not that I have a good fan-base for my blog. I almost always get anonymous comments and I think I’ll challenge Oxford to make ‘anonymous’ synonymous with a new word called ‘annoy-mous’. It’s annoying when people comment without signing in or even without their names. Yet, I’ve been approving any comment which isn’t a spam! Phew!!

~~~I drew it \:D/ :P~~~
          A super huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who’s commented on my blog, everyone who’s given me suggestions, corrected me(no one has :P) and has just read my blog without commenting. Psst—The secret’s out.. I don’t write my blogs actually.. There’s this mystery guy who does all the writing et al. He’s quitting on me so I’m kinda forced to shut this blog. If any of you can write for me or find someone who can write for me, without taking ANY credit, I may re-open the blog :P.. That’d be legendary eh! Sure’d!

We’ll that’s about it for today. Happy All Fools day. I tried fooling a couple of folks by posting an India-Pakistan Match Fixing audio clip. No one got Punk’d! :-(... Poor me  :-(   :-(.... and the sad smileys go on :P... Chao for now.. 21 more posts... He’s asking for a Thinking Cap .. Someone has one? Lend it to me for the next 21 days:D..

Have loads of fun—eat some bun!
Wake up with the Sun—do a run!
Get ya work done—play with ya son!
Buy him a toy gun—make sure he’s the ONE!

Muhahaha I can still rhyme.. Bye :D



Devilzangel said...

amazin :p happy luck 4 ya 22 posts :p

RoHiT Iyer said...

Thank you :)