Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The chill in the spine!

 These pics are up here after I've heard some good comments about them. One word used by most folks after seeing these pics-- "CREEPY". Check 'em out! :)... Yes, you can save these photographs and use them for whatever you want! Credits appreciated :P.. Free, Free, Free!! :D

I clicked these pics on the day of the Supermoon in the middle of the Srisailam Tiger reserve at around 8:15 pm... It wasn't this dark but I achieved a more creepier look by clicking these photographs on the manual mode. 

The settings were approximately :
Aperture-- f/3.5
Shutter Speed- 1/1250 secs
ISO speed- 80



~~Day 5 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Devilzangel said...

yummilicious :D

RoHiT Iyer said...

Thank you!:)

upasana said...

Ok this tree reminds me of a tree at the back of my grandfather's backyard! very.very.creepy. Next time I write a horror story, ur tree goes in the post (with photo credit of course) :P

RoHiT Iyer said...

Wow.. A creepy growth like this in the backyard sounds horrifyingly exciting!! :D ... Great! you're welcome to use the pic.. and thanks for the photo credit in advance :P

Nandhini said...

Too good! But I couldnt see anything from the second pic.