Thursday, April 21, 2011

We're all so Indian! :-)

This happened a few weeks ago and I was coming back after my classes and I saw a Sardar riding a motorcycle with his kid sitting on the tank and his wife as his pillion. She was holding a LARGE suitcase and she had this innocent look on her face. All of us had to stop at the traffic lights and I switched my bike off- I had 90 seconds before our side would get the "Green" signal.

The Sardar for some reason thought I was checking out his wife and he kept looking back at me. And she was looking at me from the corner of her eyes, to check if I was checking her out!
Loll... It was then that I actually started checking their family :P.. Something happened and a bike ahead of me went ahead and there I was, right next to the Sardar's vehicle. His kid was knocking the petrol tank and he was humming a tone I had no clue about. The Sardar was looking at me rather angrily and I didn't know how to react to it.

I actually wanted to see if his wife also was giving an angry stare so I looked at her and she was still looking at me with her head bent down. She looked so much like the lead in Love Aaj Kal.
The chota Sardar then looked at me and he raised his eyebrows and he looked exactly like the sardar kid in Kuch Kuch Hota hain.

On the other hand, papa Sardar was getting angrier and he started to look like Bobby Deol in Bhagat Singh. I was starting to get worried if I'd get beaten to pulp by this hefty Sardar and just then our turn had come-- Aaah the Green light! I raced past him. Sardar and family far behind now :P.. Phew :D

I reached Lifestyle flyover at Begumpet and a guy bumped into another bike. It clearly was his fault. He then shouted in pain and then the guy whose bike he bumped into went into a console mode, from his angry mode. All done, both of them started their bikes and went off. I noticed this guy(the one who was at fault), chuckle as soon as the other guy disappeared. Nothing had happened to him. That scene looked so damn filmy. He actually was a good actor.

No matter how much we improve our lifestyles, no matter how much we act different from the crowd and no matter what we become as a result of life’s doings on us, we will always remain the filmy, Bollywood Indian. Most dialogues used to impress those of the opposite sex are pick offs from Bollywood movies. Not just cupid, fights, arguments, sorrow or happiness--- everything’s so filmy yet so real!

It’s just that we’re all so Indian!! :)

Super huge thanks to everyone who’s dropped by my blog :-)... 24 more hours and I’ll already be an year older and this blog will be off the blog-o-sphere.. Super awesome \m/...


~~Day 21 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Raghu said...

ROFL..!!! Sardar's incident was too good..!!!

Me said...

Hahaha :D

saritha said...

Good one Rohit!
every body has their own reasons to go filmy.......which actually works most of the times :)

Devilzangel said...

lolll a mini-surdo movie perse :P. n its a year n not an year.

Devilzangel said...

n y do u still address me as khushboo :S? r u still not normal wid me :S?

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> I know!! :P

@ JBL--> :P

@ Saritha akka--> thanks akka.. yeah very true :)

@ Khushboo--> Hehehe yeah it was a mini-surdo movie :P... and yeaaaah it is "a year" -- I know it yet I make that mistake... chalta hain :D
yeah you are khushboo only na? No I am normal :P