Friday, April 8, 2011

Our voices didn't go unheard!!

I can’t think of anything else but this to be up on my blog today! The continuation to "Nature- Ever so enthralling!", which I posted yesterday will be up tomorrow. This news is too big to be overlooked. I'm super happy. I wasn't this happy even on the 2nd of April when India won the Cricket World Cup! I think it's weird.. But no!! It isn't!! Yaaaayyyy I'm so happy I think it is weird but it still isn't! :D

The Indian Government agreed to the Nation’s voices by okaying the “Lokpal bill”- a raging fire initiated by Shri. Anna Hazare.

The current generation and the generations to follow will all read and put this bill into practice. All the credits have to go to Anna Hazare ji since it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. We were all happy within the comforts of our home and work, so much that we would have NEVER broken our silence.

Today, 4 days after Shri. Anna Hazare started his fast unto death for the Jan Lokpal bill which captured the attention of every responsible citizen of our country, the government has agreed to the demands. The Jan Lokpal will constitute of both government and independent individuals in equal halves. It isn’t a bad deal, considering the fact that the bill was constantly put off for the last 43 years.

Now that the Government has agreed to our voices, Anna will end his fast at 10am tomorrow (9th April 2011) and will give us more insight on the Jan Lokpal and its members. A five member panel has already been chosen, with a chairman but it would only seem right and confirmed when Anna reads it out to us. What a sigh of relief!!! :D

To corrupt individuals like Raja, Kalmadi and a few thousands of thousand othersà Watch out!! There’ll be investigating teams behind your arses in a few months! I already am dreaming of a bribe free nation, with corruption at its minimum and yesss— Quality roads and sewerage systems as a result of a corruption free, focused political unit. All of it seems like a dream :P... Somebody snap me out of this dream :D

Anna- Our Hero! I give him the title "Anna of the Nation"
With all said and done, it would only be just that the people of the nation propose something to the government of India, like I will—Just like Gandhi ji’s the father of the nation, Anna Hazare should be given the title “Anna of the nation”.  I think it will totally justify his role. Kudos the man of steel.. He’s our Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Hulk and every super-hero put in one.

Can’t wait to flip through tomorrow’s newspaper. My family will be shocked. It’s eons since I’ve actually read a newspaper. I usually update myself with all the news from the internet. *whistles and dances*!! I'll be joining the "Walk for Anna Hazare and against Corruption" tomorrow at KBR park, Hyderabad at 6am with a little crowd of my own which will join a much bigger crowd. It'll be a celebration of sorts! I'm so looking forward to it :-)
Congratulations to us! Our voices have been heard. If not Anna, it has to be you or me, the next time. We can absolutely NOT wait for someone to take the first initiative. If there always has to be someone first, why can’t it be YOU or ME? For now, let’s chuck that thought out.. We’ve to celebrate.. Cheers to that! :-)


~~Day 8 of my blog-a-day for 22 days marathon. Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie shuts down on the 22nd of April :-)


Raghu said...

Congrats man.. A small step to a bright future.. Hope this body doesn't get corrupted in future.. That's all we can pray..

RoHiT Iyer said...

@ Raghu--> ditto dude! For a brighter, better India! :)